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Consolidation Run 4 - happy happy memories

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Getting up for a 5.15am run is always one of those why moments.. especially on a Sunday. But I have always loved my Sunday runs .... always so quiet and peaceful.

Today was no exception. It had rained overnight and yesterday the land of suburbia was full of those cutting the grass. The smell of freshly cut grass that has been rained on is one of those scents I love and transports me back to happy happy childhood times. Apologies for those with hay fever... as I’m sure it’s your very own hell.

So ... off I went out at silly o’clock in the morning ... on a Sunday ! It was also the first time I ran without Michael... no countdown, no words of encouragement... how would I cope !

Well this is why I love running ... yes getting up and wondering whether to get up is the challenge, but once out there, music on, I have pure solitude to think, reflect, reminisce, without the day to day interruptions ... and today was perfect.

No countdown, no time checks ... smells to evoke some of my happiest memories... and I was lost back in time. My arm vibrated for each km, but I ignored it until km 5 ... and was about to stop when noticed I hadn’t run 30 mins yet !! So kept going and today, lost in time, I set a PB of my quickest 5k!

I love running !

13 Replies
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Wow! Sounds like you really enjoyed your run this morning. That’s what it’s all about! Everything came together - and a PB, too, the icing on the cake!

What an inspirational post! I was smiling as I was reading it! 🙂

Well done! 👍

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PlymBorn in reply to Jools2020

Thank you so much ... I was in a world of my own ... and it was sublime

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What a fantastic run 😬👍

Well done 👏👏👏

Amazing pace !

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PlymBorn in reply to Instructor57

Thank you ... it seemed effortless... just in my own zone, no countdown

IannodaTruffe profile image

Sounds like bliss.......

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PlymBorn in reply to IannodaTruffe

It was .... and it is thanks to this program, this forum and the advice and help from you administrators that has got me loving running ... so thank you 🙏

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What a great description! And good time! A motivating post 👍😁

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PlymBorn in reply to Cowladyrunning

Thank you so much 🙏

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What a flipping brilliant post!....

A 5k and an amazing time!..... Well done to you!

Like you I love the music in my ear, switch off and focus on my run .... not quite on 5k and not sure i will ever reach your time but hey ho... loving what i've achieved so far!

It's posts like this that spur us all on to continue to do our best and to get out there and have a go!...

Thanks so much! :-)

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PlymBorn in reply to Tinytears60

Thanks TT ! 🙏 ... i don’t know where and when in today’s modern world, where I can switch off for 30 mins, but running does allow me to do this.

As said before my height does give me an edge over pace !!

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Tinytears60Graduate in reply to PlymBorn

Yep!... I agree ... drift off into a little world of our own!.. There is NOWHERE these days were you can do that!

I've only got little legs so sometimes feels a bit of a disadvantage.. but hey ho!.. getting there!

Thanks for your inspirational post! ...keeps me running that's for sure! :-)

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Sounds lovely. I m not quite there yet with the blissed out feeling of a run bug love it when I’m finished. Glad you’re doing so well and so fast too. Brilliant achievement. 👏👍💪

PlymBorn profile image
PlymBorn in reply to Grannyasbo

Thank you ... it was one of those days where everything felt and fitted right !

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