W1R3 complete but with an annoyance

Well week one for me is officially done!!! Wooop wooop it was a hot one I went out earlier than planned (5:30 as opposed to 8pm) and it was hot out there which made it slightly harder but ive done week one without stopping which is huge for me :-D yey .... One thing I have noticed is that when I'm running my nose either starts running or it gets blocked which ad you can imagine can be annoying with my breathing does anyone else experience this and if so what do you do to prevent it ? :-)


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  • My nose runs pretty much constantly when I'm running so I need to have a good supply of tissues strategically placed around myself (if I have no pockets)

    I also use by buff as a hankie.......... (sorry).........

  • my nose generally runs faster than the rest of me, I'm 3 weeks past graduation and have only just figured out I should carry a tissue! Not very high tech but better than sniffing constantly!

  • You need to master the Snot Rocket.

    Last time I mentione dthis there was a chorus of "eww!"s and general expressions of misapprobation and disdain for the practice from the supposedly more genteel and sensitive members of the forum, but that was before it was revealed that most of them only wash their running kit at the turning of the seasons, irrespective of how much they use their sleeves (!) to wipe their noses, so we can discount the faux-outrage.

    Her eis everything you need to know:


  • I know exactly what you mean and although it is disgusting to see sometimes a "snot rocket" is what is needed sometimes however this was just like a tap (I feel like I'm gonna gross people out here so sorry) but sometimes snot rockets need solidity to them to work ha ha .... I think I'll try a tissue next time I go :-D

  • Ha ha Rig. I used to think such things were beyond disgusting, but now I snotrocket like a pro. Nothing like it for clearing the pipes, and it stops my nose getting chafed and blobby.

    But elegant it's not.

  • I for one am going to learn how to do that!

  • Ewwww ! :-D :-D

    My running kit I wore today is on the line drying, I would like to add :-) xxx

  • Once a year whether it needs it or not, eh?

  • Ha ha Rig , Of course ! :-D xxx

  • I am very lucky that my nose doesn't run when I'm running . I would take an hanky and just use that :-)

    Well done on completing Week 1 , youre on your way ! :-) xxx

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