W8 R1: It's magic!

Wooop wooop! I just ran 28 minutes. Me: 44 years old, 10-12 kg (2 stone) overweight and 7 weeks ago totally out of shape.

I just ran 28 minutes without wanting to stop. Amazing! I can't believe how this programme has changed what my body can do - and even more - what I think my body can do.

I'm still a total snail - but I've come to terms with that (thanks to all of you) - only problem is - I want to run again tomorrow and Laura says I have to rest :-)

Tilly48, hope your w8r2 went well too.

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  • Nice one!!! I'm on W3R3 and even at this point I'm amazed I'm managing it. It's a lovely feeling to mentally exceed your own expectations. I'm a snail too. Nothing wrong with snails at all :)

  • Hurra!!!

    Well done you... this is brilliant. You are getting there.. who minds if you are a snail.. i was The Grey Snail for weeks!  Snail power!

    Just think...." By perseverance...the snail got to the Ark " ! :)

  • Well done, Graduation is just round the corner now! 28 mins - nearly half an hour. That's a long time!

  • Brilliant!  You're so close now. It's such a great feeling, isn't it? :)

  • It's wonderful. 

  • No, it is not magic; it is the result of your hard work and will power and that's why it is so valuable! 😉 

    Well done,  now it's time to start planning the celebrations for your graduation!

  • Great idea!

  • Yay!  Well done!

  • Well done , amazing how quickly things change and  not just physically 😊

  • Yes, you do have to rest. 

    You can do other things but DO NOT run ;)

    Great to hear that you're enjoying it all and I completely agree, the programme is amazing :) 

    And so are you :) 

    Well done :) 

  • Fantastic work ! Well done !

    Yes this programme is life changing ! Makes you feel on top of the world :-) 

    You're doing great ,keep going ! :-) xxxx

  • Hi  ibencopenhagen my Week8 run2 went very well today although I was fighting with the wind going but had a great run back with it behind me.  I'm loving it too.  If someone had told me 8 weeks ago I could do this I would of said no chance but I've done it. 

  • Well done to you!  

    Not long now and you will be wearing a sparkly new badge. 

    It is amazing what the body can do and it's so rewarding to reach new goals every week. 

    Keep up the good work 👟

  • Lovely to read your post, full of the joy and wonder of the C25K magic :) you have so captured the essence of the marvel of the programme, from no way to go all day attitude :)

    I can't say I felt the same way as you- 28 minutes without wanting to stop- but never mind I kept going anyway ;) 

    PS- 44 yrs old is young, you will come to realise, when as old as I am you are ;)

  • Thank you, Rainshine

  • Well done iben and Tilly48 Not far to go now. Keep positive and see it through you two. 

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