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W5 R3 done/foot problem

Completed W5 R3 this morning and truely loved it. It was a little overcast when I left home at about 7:30 but at some stage during my run the sun made an appearance and it was beautiful. It was great to find a comfortable pace and just go with it.

Just a few weeks ago it was too much effort for me to get off the couch long enough to make myself a coffee. I never ever thought I could run for 20 minutes and if anyone had told me I would actually enjoy it I would have said they were stark raving mad! But hey ............. maybe I'm mad, I've definitely got the running bug.

Had a problem with my foot during R2 on Thursday, an ache across the top, which got worse towards the end. I took a 2 day rest and managed today with minimal discomfort however I was still very aware of it.

The worst thing is not knowing if I should take a longer break? I don't really want to but then again, I don't want to be silly and do myself more damage only to find myself unable to run for a prolonged length of time. I guess I shall have to pretend to be a responsible adult, be patient and just see how it goes.

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Well done, what an achievement. 👏

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Ache across the top of your foot probably has more to do ith your shoes than the running per se. Try lacing your shoes differently (there are charts online you can google that show different lacing patterns for different foot types).


Thank you. I'll do a search.


Thank you Rignold for this information. I never considered changing the way my shoes were laced would make a difference. I have just redone them in the parallel style and see how it goes. Thanks again.


It sounds like Mortons Neuroma, i nerve condition of the foot. You need to get doc to refer you to orthopaedics foot clinic, where they will scan your feet and if your nerves are inflamed they will give you regular steroid steroid injections between your toes. This reduces pain for upto 4 months at a time.


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