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W5 R3 - Yippee

Just back from w5 r3 and pleased to report I did it! Notable elements to this run:

I wore a special running top, marathon friend bought for my birthday last year. At the time it didn't fit (I also wasn't a runner then!). As I thought tonight was a special running occasion I tried it on and it fit! 5 weeks of c25k and I have gained a waist!

I ran a loop rather than back on myself, which resulted in a faster pace in a bid to reach the main road before it got dark. Said loop passes an unlit coastal path and under a railway bridge - spooky when dark. Pleased to report I made it!

The run finished on an inclinous friend (thanks @gary_bart for use of word). By the time Laura said stop running I was out of breath, had developed a stitch, and was panting wildly. Golfers actually stopped to watch! My car was also parked a good distance away resulting in a 20 minute cool down walk.

Overall I am really pleased to say I made it. It has been a busy week, I was awake half the night with a fox howling outside and my parents dropped in for a visit and informed me I had developed an unhealthy obsession with running. Said obsession clearly not normal...

How this programme works I have no idea, but I have somehow managed to go from 8 mins to 20 mins non stop in one run - the longest I have ever run outside for!

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Well done Mimsi! How good is that!!!! You should be well happy with yourself

Now then, go steady, you have to finish the rest of the programme

Take care and have fun!


Thanks MW. I can't stop grinning! :-D


Nice! Sounds like you had a fab time - obviously breathing seems to be an optional thing for us newbies hahah.

Spooky stuff would've made me trot a bit faster!

Congratulations on getting through week 5 😀

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Thank you! :-) An optional extra indeed!


Brilliant! So glad you did it :) I've just done W6R3 - 25 minutes - go us! :)


I'm so happy right now. 25 minutes, you go girl!

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That is completely awesome! Well done!!!!

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Thanks! I still feel elated. :-D


Yay, I have been waiting to hear how you got on. Just got back home from holi and logged on to see you have done it. So pleased!

Yeah, I gained a waist too, a few years ago. Unfortunately it was on top of my existing one and I am doing my best to lose it now. Seriously though, the running is having an impact and slowly there is a shape change. I'm not half the man I was or anything like that but it did not go on overnight, so it will take a while to go too.

Hah! So pleased you've done it - I was a little worried you were getting fretful. Yay again. Got to go, need to get my underpants and jump out on my father-in-law shouting 'I'm Batman!'

Scares him, but the kids think it's funny.


Thanks Ids. I like to convince myself before each run I might not make it... A little game I like to play! ;-)

I have been combining c25k with slimming world! Has accelerated the weight loss somewhat! Not tonight though, been the chippy for satay chicken and chips! (Yum).

Week 6 starts on Sunday! Good luck with w6.


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