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Just finished the last run of week 7, I kept to a realy easy pace, was considering just walking before I set off. Went upriver this time towards didsbury village. Was very sunny. Because of my pace I felt like I could go on forever so I just kept going once my app told me to stop. Anyway, thats week 7.

I've added a picture of my dogs for heavyhorse, weve also now got a greyhound so lots of walking opportunities when I'm back in Skipton. This was taken up Sharp haw.

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I was going to say that doesn't look like Chorlton Water park Kally ! :-)

What a beautiful dog, looks very noble sat there with the breeze flapping its ears ! I have to laugh at the other dog peeping over the rocks " You 'ant seen me , right ? "

Ha ha :-D

Well done on completing Week 7 , onwards to Week 8 !

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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KallyfudgeGraduate in reply to poppypug

Haha many thanks :) The saluki is called Pharaoh, he is much more like a cat! He just lies around all day on a comfy bed and eats meet. We did buy him a fez but its hard to keep on. Blue is absolutely insane and obsessed with his balls, I often tell people "that dog just needs his balls kicking!" and its true :p not quite clever enough to bring it to you however..

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poppypugGraduate in reply to Kallyfudge

Oh a Saluki ! Theres a lady on here called Slookie that has one too !

Dogs are so funny aren't they ? Mine just look at me as if I'm daft if I throw them a ball , theyre like " What ? You think I'm gonna run all that way over there , just to pick a ball up ? :-) They end up just standing in the middle of the field examining a blade of grass while I end up playing " Fetch " by myself ! Ha ha :-D xxx

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KallyfudgeGraduate in reply to poppypug

Haha :) yeah pharaoh will give me that look too if you throw a ball for him :) Blue will get the ball but hasn't worked out the bringing it back, or letting it go once he does parts. Id say there's hope... but i would be lying :)

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thanks for the pic the saluki is gorgeous! I like greyhounds too and is that a collie in the background? Mine are collies! Oh and well done on the run too how long did you run for? Or did you miss that deliberately so we wouldn't nag!! P.s I was also naughty and ran on on a lot of my runs from this stage too ...

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KallyfudgeGraduate in reply to heavyhorse

Aye he is a collie too :) he is not the smartest however :D

Pharaoh is a right character though, if you try and feed him non meat he will turn his nose up and go back to bed with a look of disgust.

I would like to bring them on a run, maybe when I go back to Skipton & a bit fitter, I know some good routes where you dont meet other walkers I usually walk.

In the end I think I got another 20 mins in, I was going at a slow pace though and no real aches. I thought I would go all the way back home but after a little rise I barely noticed my legs just said right that's your lot so I walked the rest. I didn't really have a say in it :p

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Great going Kally! It's so good to see someone else nailing these goals - it gives me hope.

Beautiful dogs too!

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KallyfudgeGraduate in reply to Katie204

Thankyou Katie! Honestly you will be fine trust in the program :) Some days I am feeling great and for some reason It is just realy hard & I give up. Sometimes things just go well but always you are getting fitter! Especially as its a first 25 minute run for you, I've changed my thoughts when I'm outside from listening for the stop running announcement to just telling myself right this is how far I'm going to run, I'm not going to stop till I get here, rather than waiting for the time. Whatever helps you! But you can do it, you've shown yourself for 6 weeks and w7r1, don't doubt yourself!!

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excellent! Well done!

Well done Kelly! You are doing brilliantly

your dogs are beautiful! 😊

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