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I'm back and it feels SO good!

Finally, after what seemed like an age (in reality: just over a week) I'm back running and I couldn't be happier! I think I saw a post yatesco recently wrote about the tension from not being able to run, I couldn't agree more. I finished W3R3 yesterday and despite being a bit dubious about the time out, it went really well. There was a point when I caught myself laughing (I'm really not that funny), I guess I was happy to have the endorphins back! The first three minute run was one of my favourite moments of the programme so far. I just didn't want to stop when Laura called time. There was something about being back out on my trail, with all the sounds and smells of spring: the breeze, the birds and the flowers. It was a perfect moment when everything just clicked.. no overthinking breathing, no shin niggles or self conscious glances at other walkers. 

I hope you're all well and running up a storm, it's so great to be back! :-)

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Well done you! Sounds like you had a great run. Keep it up!

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Thanks agedsnailspace, it really was, but we'll see if I'm still smiling after my first 5 min run in W4R1! :-)


What a wonderful post! Sounds like it really lifted your soul :-) glad you're back up and running and that the time out hasn't set you back. 


Yeay... welcome to  the family again!!!! Great run and keep on going... ri=unning is about so much more than the run!

 Running... cheaper than therapy!!!!


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