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I'm back and boy does it feel good

I've been suffering from a selection of this season latest must have bugs....they've been horrible and meant that since the beginning of December I've only managed to get out 4 times

:( Well after suffering for so long I actually paid a visit to the doctor (why didn't I do this sooner) and got some anitbiotics and this morning I woke up feeling good! Woo hoo!!!

So I decided to go out and see how I got on...plotted a route before I went which meant if I was struggling I could amend the plan and knock a mile off. Won't say it was easy but it did feel good to be back out there and I managed 4.5k in about 32 minutes with NO walking, so not bad. I'm quite releived I've not lost as much fitness as I thought I would have...just need to build back up to 5 miles but am sure I'll be able to do that over the next few weeks.

I now can't wait to see what 2013 brings in my running journey....I'm going to look for a few 10k races and then maybe towards the end of the year aim for 10 miler.

Happy running...........

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Woohoo - that's great news Ali - glad to hear that you're feeling better and that you've kept most of the form you had.

I too gave in on Friday and went to the Docs for some antibiotics and this is the first morning I haven't woken up like the hacking snot monster from the green lagoon! So, all being well, I shall be joining you in spirit for my first run tomorrow in over a month!

Happy running, indeed!


Glad you are starting to feel better too...these bugs have been horrible!


Great news, glad you're feeling better and it hasn't set you back too far :-)


Welcome back, Ali. It sounds as though you've had a horrible time of it. I'm sure you'll be back on track in no time at all! :)


so many people with this dreaded lurgie! ali, glad to have you back. tis great that you havent lost any fitness ~ youll be back up to 5miles before you know it. good luck :) shelley x


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