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Getting Started on my personal fitness

After thinking about getting more exercise for ages, sitting down office job, I have finally bitten the bullet as they say and started the Couch to 5K proper this morning so Week 1 Run 1 done.

Had the first chew on Saturday by going to a local shop that deals with running. They were a good source of advice and allowed me to try proper running footwear rather than just trainers. Also pick up a pair of end of line shoes for £55 that felt comfortable, suprising how different each variety feels .

I already walk about 10-12 km a day just getting to and from work. Being an early morning person I did mine in a recreational field that is just under 5 minutes away (ideal for that warm and cool down walk). Nice and quiet at 5am.

Using the podcast and Strava to track progress as well as my MTB riding that I try and get to do as well. 

Lets see how I get on over the coming weeks

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good luck! You have taken the first step, will look forward to seeing you progress!


What a fine start! (Go steady with the Strava, many are undone by looking at their stats during the programme... but there's no doubt it is interesting)


Only using it to track the details. Until I reach the end and am comfortable in the distance will I use it to start setting goals and challenges.


Well done, AndyIoW , you've done the toughest bit. You're right about shoes, some feel good, and some you can't wait to take off. All the best from another noob.


Walking is a great way to get fit.  Add running to that, combined with healthy eating and you'll be well on your way to getting yourself fit.  The run/walk sessions are great but just go steady.

Be diligent about your eats and drinks and you'll be a new man in no time ☺


Thanks, I eat fairly health I hope, with bad day once a week.

Breakfast is usually porridge with banana/dried fruit or wholegrain toast after my running days. Lunch is salad (lettuce, rocket spinach, grapes, celery spring onions and carrots with occasionally chicken with jelly and fruit. Dinner varies between egg noodles, pasta with chicken/fish to home made stews.

Drink about 2 litres of squash/water during the day as the air conditioning dries the air as well as a large glass in the morning and 2 when home from work.

The BAD day usually has a couple of pieces of dark (70%+) chocolate, but some like that gives me a goal.


Great stuff Andy, you have made a fantastic decision in joining this challenge .

Keep posting , it really helps in keeping you focused and motivated . Looking forward to reading of your progress. You wont regret it.

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


Thanks for all the encouragement. I got my brother started using this about 2 years ago and he has done some longer runs either on the road or cross country. Now I am on this he will be joining me on the longer runs later provided work does not get in the way for either of us.


Week One - Completed.

Did the third run this morning at 430am. Nice a cool with just my huffing, the birdsong and Laura in my ear.

Felt very awake most of the morning, unlike my work companions who were 'moaning' at my cheerfulness in our usual friendly banter way. Out on the cycle tomorrow morning then back onto Week 2 on Monday.

Life feels good at the moment.

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Good! Sounds fantastic 😊

It's great that you have your brother running with you. The cycling will be a good cross training exercise for your non run days.

I treat myself to a bit of Dark choc on run days, just a piece. I like it grated over my fruit and yog with a sprinkling of chopped hazelnuts.

Good luck with the next run ☺


Well done Andy , that's the first week chalked off !

Onwards to Week 2 !

Your meals sound absolutely yummy, btw. :-) xxx


Well week 3 completed this morning. Wanted to get it done before a holiday. Taking my shoes with me so onward to week 4. Going to be an active one with various sports and cycling as well.


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