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W6R1 done. It has left me a big melted puddle on the porch floor 💧. Maybe a run in the middle of the day, when the garden thermometer says 26C and the route has very little shade was not the best idea I have ever had. But I did it! Me who on W1 was convinced I would never even make it to W2. I would not have got this far without having this forum to turn to for advice and honesty about how hard it actually is for real humans (not those slim, bouncy, ponytailed, chatting to each other evil people who run past me deciding whether to go on 'the long run' today (grrrr). I do have a question. Most people seem to have trouble with their calf muscles but today the back of my thigh was starting to twinge. It's been fine until now, is this something that happens as the runs get longer? 


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14 Replies

  • Hi well done for going out in that heat i couldn't it bad enough at 6am, can't help on the thigh it's my right hip that has been playing up on the longer runs but i always had a problem with it.

  • Thanks. Hope the hip sorts itself out. I'm really starting to like this running lark and I'd hate to stop now.

  • Thanks it seems to be getting better now i'm running on grass rather than just pavements and going to get gait analysis tomorrow so maybe that will help as well.

  • I graduated about 3 months ago now and know my legs felt achy and delicate, needed lots of rest and warmth on recovery days while doing C25K.  Since graduation I have been increasing distance (on purpose) and speed (by accident but I am not fast at between 7-8 mins per km depending on the day and where I run.  I have managed to build slowly up to a reasonable 10km and even did 15k once!  My legs told me off a few times along the way - knees from time to time, and burning calves a couple of weeks ago (think that was skipping not running connected) and once shins.  Depending on how serious it is, I find a way to manage it - knees and shins:  stiffness and injury seem to be different things so if my knees feel stiff on a run, I stop and do some stretching to free up both knees and usually then I can keep going.  Perhaps put in a 2 day rest to see if they improve.  Also, I find soft ground like grass is less impacting on knees so that rests them (but it is harder for the rest of me)!  Shins - I did have a one week rest because it felt sore after resting and then I came back into it on grass and only short runs.  Never had any issue with thigh pain - have u been doing another type of exercise, been to the gym for example?  I would continue to do strength and flex exercises to allow the muscle to stretch a little, how about massaging the affected area?  Does it hurt when running too?

  • It doesn't actually 'hurt' hurt it just feels like if I take a long stride it will tear. I did tear the big muscle at the front of my thigh (must brush up on my muscle groups!) in my teens which was agonising and took months to heal so I am probably being a bit dramatic. I don't do any other exercise at the moment so as you suggest I should do a bit more stretching when I get home and less laying on the floor congratulating myself on still being alive 😃 Thanks.

  • This gives hope to those of us who are on Week 1! One day I will conquer Week 6 too!!!

  • You will get there! I never thought I could do it but now I am actually looking forwards to my runs. Keep it up!

  • I don't get specific thigh pains, but contrary to a lot of posts I read, I feel my thigh muscles have been working, and that's where I feel it the next day although it wears off quite quickly, I never feel a thing in my calves.

  • well done on braving the heat though! My face would have been glowing like the sun in this weather!

  • You should have seen me 😱 I sent my husband a photo of me after Friday's run and he did say that I have looked better 😂

  • I find my face really clashes with my pink running top (hate pink but it was cheap) if I'd known I would have picked a colour to complement beetroot!

  • I may go shopping for something in a nice shade of magenta 😂

  • Very well done... not sure about the run in the heat of the day though..phewwww!

    You are doing amazingly.... maybe check out Realfoodieclub 's post on Pee! Make sure you are doing it right!

    Listen to your body, and take it slow and steady, and see if your thigh settles. it could just be letting you know it is there, as the runs get longer! :)

  • Thanks. My thigh seems to have settled down to a dull ache and I think it will be stiff tomorrow. I'll do some gentle yoga stretches and hope for the best. I have also just checked out the post on Pee and, according to the Lucozade Sport chart I was severely dehydrated when I got back so I should really drink more. If I have a drink just before I go out it feels like I'm going to throw up, how long before venturing out would be best or is it something I'll just figure out over time?  I really appreciate the advice you give, it really makes a difference 👍

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