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Mad dogs and English men … W9R2


...and lizards, out in the midday sun. 8-)

Haven’t had a chance to blog since I posted my W9R1 last Thursday. Many thanks to all of you for spurring me on in my last blog. I reread your comments before going out today and they made all the difference. :-)

I was due to do this run on Saturday, but had a terrible Friday, the kind of day you wish you’d slept through (and no exercise done for 5x50, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa). Suffice it to say, I wasn’t up to running on Saturday, just some Strength&Flex exercise, and yesterday I’d planned to go cycling, so I set my alarm for 6 o’clock this morning, fully intending to get out there. Did I heck! Just turned over and slept ’til 8 (work from home today). So I’d missed my early morning “timeslot”…

Come 12.30 I was really feeling guilty… I also knew there’d be no way I could go running later in the day or tomorrow. So I just donned my kit and went out. Cloudless sky, 25°C. Just about bearable. ;-) Though I must admit I kept switching sides of the track, to stay in the shade.

Anyway, the run went reasonably well and, once Laura told me to walk, I even continued running until I’d beaten my bête noir, the hill where I live. Wore my friend’s Garmin 205 and sort-of-understood what it was trying to show me… whenever it could find the signal, that is. I think I averaged about 9.5 min/km (hills!), felt best running at about 8 min/km on the relative flat bits. Way way slower than many of you out there…

So, graduation run looms. Possibly on Wednesday, though I’m seeing yet another orthopaedic guy to get orthotic insoles in the morning, then meetings in the afternoon… Apparently I’ve got a “false longer leg” to quote the physio after he saw the X-rays, i.e. one hip is slightly higher than the other. Hence the pain in my left leg: it gets a real beating, while the lazy right leg sniggers up its sleeve (or should I say trousers). So do I run before seeing the doc or wait until I get the insoles…?

P.S. The nightingales have started singing all through the night, the swallows screeching and bees buzzing all day. :-)

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When I first got my orthotic insoles, I was advised to break them in gently, by wearing them for a little longer each day, and not to run with them until I was used to wearing them.

You seem to have a similar problem to me, my left leg is a bit shorter and I get pain in my right hip.

con-brioGraduate in reply to BettyJane

Thanks. I'll certainly remember to ask the doc about that. Have you found they work? I've spent the last couple of weeks going from one dr. to another, not to mention the cost of all the exams etc. (Italian health care may be quicker, but you pay more for it.) so hope they will...

BettyJaneGraduate in reply to con-brio

I started off with just an inset for my left shoe to raise me up on the left side. Then when I started running I had ITB trouble so saw the podiatrist again and was given new orthotics to raise my arches, which have worked really well. Although I think I need a little more adjustment, when I go back in a couple of weeks.

con-brioGraduate in reply to BettyJane

Hope you get it sorted soon. :-)

I must admit this has all come as a bit of a surprise to me, as I've been a long-distance walker for quite some time, with no problems (apart from being obese and a smoker... at least I've cut out the smoking now).


Not many people are running 25deg C! No wonder you are slower. Orthotics are great. I'm on my feet most of the day and they make a big difference. The ones I have are just over half length, hard and molded to my feet I don't use them running but do the rest of the time. So far good supporting trainers has been ok.

PS first swallow here, red kites are back and the daffodils out! Wax wings are still about but I guess they'll head off to chillier climes now.

con-brioGraduate in reply to Canidoit

Good to hear they work... Enjoy your Spring! :-)


Your surroundings sound idyllic ... am pea-green envious ;) Well done you! Only one more outing and you will be a graduate! 'Many' congrats will be saved for then ... But you DO deserve a few today for all the hassles you've overcome to complete today! All the best for your medical consultation: am sure all will be just fine. I think I'd run with insoles ... better to graduate on the straight and level rather than lop-sidedly :D (I bet nobody else has ever noticed!) Have a glorious image of you running amidst the birds and bees - a bit like Walt Disney's Snow White .... LOL. Take care, Linda x :)

con-brioGraduate in reply to LMS2110

Thanks... will bear in mind your image of Snow White when I come to do the next run. :-)


I love lizards!!!! :-) So cute!!!! :-) :-) Sounds like a brilliant run and wishing you a fantastic Grad week! :-) Gayle

con-brioGraduate in reply to gdeann

Thanks. Problem with lizards is that they make sudden darts for the undergrowth just as you're passing them and that makes you jump.

Well done on your 10K again.


Lizards and nightingales - oooo! I am very impressed with you running in 25C - I am not at all sure how I'll cope with heat. It was a bit sunny today (garmin says it was 14C) and I was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable!

And 8 min/km sounds super speedy to old slow legs me!

con-brioGraduate in reply to greenlegs

8 min/km when all's nice and hunky-dory... i.e. hardly ever!

...we've all been complaining about the bitter winter weather, what's the betting it'll be the heat whose ears will be burning soon. ;-)


Phew, 25C is too hot for running. It soared to 29C here yesterday and I was melting - temperature seems to be jumping all over the place at the moment. But I go out first thing when it's a more acceptable 15C and for the first time ventured out without covering up - no need for hi-viz as my legs are blindingly white. :-)

I think a combination of hills and heat must have made it a punishing run, and you deserve huge credit for running for longer than the allotted time. I know that once Laura says' You can slow down', all strength immediately evaporates from my limbs and I shudder to a halt whether I want to or not.

Good luck with the physio - hope it works out OK - and that it's not too painfuil in the meantime.

PS Heard my first cuckoo of the year on Saturday, with a chorus from a couple of woodpeckers. Spring is here at last!

con-brioGraduate in reply to Landesman

Still waiting for the cuckoo... and the woodpeckers. ;-)

I know what you mean about shuddering to a halt... but it normally happens when I'm on THAT hill, back into town and although I used to just walk it, it's now become a personal challenge...


Wow the nearest I've been to 25º in a very long time is when opening the oven door whilst cooking dinner :D

con-brioGraduate in reply to OlsBean

In fact it felt like that at times... Actually, you remind me now... at one point I started thinking about how to describe it on this blog (a bit like when you get off an airplane and get hit by a wall of heat... well, almost) and that helped take my mind off the time, the breathing, the legs... ;-)

Goodness,only one more run to graduate :) AND you're doing the 5x50 challenge. You're achieving so much in such a short space of time, it's fantastic.

con-brioGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Not as fantastic as you with your 100 day challenge!!! :-)


don't do yourself an injury, do the strength & flex until the doc gives you the go ahead.

But, you have your mind made up I guess, so good luck with your graduation run ;-)

con-brioGraduate in reply to alcopop

I'll see how I feel Wednesday... could well be I'll decide to have an extra day (or two) of rest...


Wow - heat and hills? Impressive :) Best of luck for your graduation run, although it can wait a day or two if that improves things for you - you really don't want to damage anything and not be able to complete the 5x50 :O Take it easy, have fun, and tell us all about it :)

con-brioGraduate in reply to Anniemurph


Still not sure whether or not to do "THE" run tomorrow or on Thursday. Would really like to do it on the shores of Lake Bolsena in the evening... I'll see how things go tomorrow. :-)


Well done, you are doing great. :-) Hills and heat woo hoo!

I still can't run yet as my neck is still stiff and I can't turn it left or right yet. So that will be a week tomorrow that I last run and I am so missing it. Once I get back at it I don't know whether to repeat week8 or just do the last run and then move on to week 9. I guess I will just see how it goes!

Good luck with your graduation run. :-D

con-brioGraduate in reply to caz1_ca

Poor you. Hope it clears up soon. Look forward to reading about your next run. :D


Sporty lady.....hills and heat, I also ran on the shady side for my run.....although only 17°c here in Belgium!! Hope your new insoles work for you. Don't push yourself too hard until you know what the doctor says. Strength and flex is enough for the 5x50. I hope you can finish soon as we'll both be there at the same time......graduation party here we come ;) Bikini weather , cocktails and grenn shiny badges sounds great :-D

con-brioGraduate in reply to rockchick69

To tell you the truth (and please don't hate me for this), but we have several hot springs in the area so I've often been "sunbathing" in or by pool in the middle of winter. 8-)

I hear you loud and clear: I won't be running tomorrow (if at all) until way after I've seen the doc... Thanks for the concern. See you at the grad party!


so near now... really looking forward to you grad blog :) enjoy you graduation run :)

con-brioGraduate in reply to amsjo

Thanks, and I want to hear that you've beaten (or ditched) your particular bugbear too (W6R2). :D


Ah so proud! Just one more run... you can do it!! Actually crazily excited for you right now!

~ Olivia

con-brioGraduate in reply to piggyland1

Thanks olivia. ;-)


Best of luck for your grad run!


1 more run,woop woop! :-)

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