Mad Dogs

I have made a discovery this morning. I try to do my runs as early as possible in the day, so I’m usually out by 5.30am. Well I ran W5R2 this morning. I’d assumed the runs were all the same length, like in previous weeks, so it came as a nasty shock to find that it’s now 8 minutes. I told myself I could do it and set off. Because it’s so dark I tend to simply run in a haphazard way around my estate - which is fine for the shorter runs. I was in the zone. My heart sank a little, I must admit when I was told I was doing brilliantly you’re now half way! I thought I must be nearing the end, but I was determined to do it! at which point a monster emerged from out of the dark! A very large dog came barking aggressively towards me. Now I don’t mind dogs, but when they are large and charging towards me, I’m less keen. I let out a little surprised scream (don’t tell my husband - he’d never let me live that one down!!). Fortunately the dog came to an abrupt halt when it’s lead snapped it back, the owner taking the strain! I realised I was looking into the eyes of a rather hefty Rottweiler! It was barking and straining to get to me!! Aaaagghhh! It tried to go after me again, when I skirted around it and carry on running. So, that perhaps is the risk of running at that time in the morning, all the dangerous dogs come out. That put me off my stride a bit, I must admit! Kind of lost it so I didn’t complete the first 8 minutes (did more like 7), but did manage the second which I was pleased with. Going to repeat today’s on Friday, before I then attempt the 20 minute run on day 3! Wow! Wasnt expecting that! 20 minutes? That’s quite a jump! Urgh.


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8 Replies

  • Just another run.. take it slow and steady and you are ready for each one:)

    Don't be fooled into thinking any are harder..they are different and they are part of the structured discipline of the programme. Which, is why we are always banging on to folk about slow and steady.

    You are doing wonderfully.. .I loved the dark mornings when I was doing C25K..( no dogs though:))

    Just keep it really steady.. don't push at all and take it, as you are doing at your own are going to be fine:) Take it all in as you run... and know, that anyone who is getting out there at the early hour of 5.30 a.m. is a runner and is destined to be a great runner!!!

  • Thanks Oldfloss!! X

  • I was a bit taken aback by this too but the gradual step up leading up to it do prepare your body for it. Don’t think of it as a step up from 8 mins but rather from 16. It’s not as big really. Just keep it slow and steady and don’t worry about how slow you go. I am now on 25 mins! Watch out for those dogs!

  • That’s very true! Thanks for that! Considering I could barely run 60 seconds, I’m so amazed how quickly my body has adjusted and built up strength! how great the programme is!!

  • Good isn’t it!! About 7-8 weeks ago I couldn’t do all of the 1st days 60 seconds runs!

  • Ah you'll be fine with run 3, just go for it.

    Hope the dog wasn't too scary, I suspect he was just wondering who that Olympic-style runner was on his patch.

  • Haha!

  • I dare say it was surprised to see you 😃

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