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Yesterday's Parkrun

Hi everyone,

So the wife and I went back to Market Harborough Parkrun yesterday, we are rotating between MH, Northampton and Corby.

It was a bit different for me this time though as for one reason or another we couldn't get anyone to look after Murphy our two year old. So I elected to do the Parkrun pushing him in his buggy.

I must admit I was a tad apprehensive but it went really well, so much so that I knocked 2 minutes 45 seconds off my time from the last/first MH Parkrun we did a few weeks back, coming in at 30'54 for the 5k.

So another cracking morning courtesy of Parkrun and the brilliant volunteers, I was properly red faced and a sweaty heap at the end but I always have a grin like a Cheshire Cat 😀

It's also good to know that when we are stuck for a Saturday morning sitter we can aways run with the buggy.

I still find in hard to believe that the wife and I had never run before February this year, we are getting so much out of it and are both enjoying it tremendously.

I hope everyone who is running today has fun.


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I'm doubly impressed! That's got to be another PB next time you do it without the buggy!

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Thanks Digger


Well done! Great time. I'll bet Murphy loved it too (either that or he slept right through it!!) 

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Thanks Noaky

Yes Murphy did seem to enjoy it, he was very  interested in what was going on.


That's brilliant Bob, proper family entertainment !

Theres a few with buggys at my local parkrun, its great to see the whole family getting involved ! :-) xxx


Very impressive!


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