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Week One Day Two and already improving?!


Hi everyone!  I have just started C25K and am ridiculously excited about it!  I have found it really hard to get motivated to do exercise (other than walking my beloved dog) and it's brilliant to discover such an easily accessible programme.   It's also great to see how motivated and successful people are here and gives me inspiration to carry on!

My question is this: today when I did my second run it seemed a fair bit easier than my first.  Is it normal to see progress this quickly? 

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Hello!- short answer- yes, I've found surprising progress too. I've just finished wk3 run 1 this morning, and I've been finding c25k easier and easier with each run.

I know it's only baby steps at the moment, but... I was wary of today as I thought it was a big step up, but it turned out to be a breeze.

I thought I'd hate running (like I did at school). I can't quite believe I'm saying these words after a few weeks, but I'm starting to really like it.

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I feel exactly the same- I'm still nervous as I thought maybe it was just easier on Saturday because I hadn't been at work all day.  I'll be able to tell after the third one tonight!

was for me keep at it😊

i also share your enthusiasm


It cab happen...not for everyone, but for some. It is very, very exhilarating,:)

We amaze ourselves, as we travel this first running journey, but, there can be tougher bits, so, I am going to say what you will hear, oh so many times, on the forum; take it slow and take it steady, don't get lured into a. 'got to go faster and further', frame of mind. There are longer runs to come... you want to be ready for them.

Enjoy this journey, it is wonderful, the folk on here are terrific... you are on the way, and doing it well!

"Smile, breathe, and go slowly... the best is yet to come ".

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Yes, I think slow and steady definitely wins the race.  Thanks for the encouragement!

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the folk on here really ARE terrific - I have found you all SO inspiring!! Did wk5r3 yesterday, and even managed a bit of a hill! My mantra in my music teaching is to go "no slower than you need to, no faster than you can", and think this fits C25K perfectly! Keep going everyone :)


Oops... should have read, " That can happen" !

First run of week = good God I can't do this.  Second run of week = Maybe that wasn't so bad... Third run of week = well ok I can do that but eeek I can't possibly do the next week!  Repeat for nine weeks.  Get a shiny graduation badge.  It works!

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Haha thanks! I'll bear that in mind as I start week 2...


I was the same about getting started I think it took me about 3 weeks from deciding I needed to do something and actually going on the first run. I did the first one around the school playing field whilst the kids were swimming and was expecting sarky comments from people but it was all in my head, no one said anything, most just ignored me.


Yes it can happen! Sometimes you think you can t do the next week and then you can! It's amazing!🙂

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It is crazy how much you can actually improve just by being slow and steady

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