Week two day one

Hi all. I'm 52, and although I try to do a bit of regular exercise (pull ups, press ups etc.) I have never classed myself as fit because I just have never been able to run more than a couple of minutes without stopping completely out of breath.

This is probably due to smoking most of my life, although I now only smoke occaisonaly while out socialising.

Anyway I had been reading about this program and decided to give it a try. I did week one just running on the spot indoors, which gave me the confidence to hit the great outdoors today for week two.

Well I found it hard ( my legs felt like lead on the sixth run) but I completed it!

What I would like to know is are there any ex or current smokers doing this, and how did you find it?



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12 Replies

  • Totally in awe of anyone who can do a push up never mind a pull up ! Sure you'll get advice from ex smokers here . All I can say is try not to go fast . Your legs will take a wee while to get over the shock of different movement but will get better. Well done in starting and good luck with the rest of your journey.

  • Thanks mate.

  • Hiya. I smoked all my life from 18 to 2.5 years ago and am 46. Never run in my life. Only done week 1 run 1. Second is tomorrow. Will let you know how I feel soon. But loved last Friday and wasn't out of breath.....people seem to advise just not going too fast to start which I think for us ex smokers is great advice....so our lungs can learn to work properly.

  • Hi and Welcome to the board.

    I was a heavy smoker for many, many years, more years than I care to remember to be honest. I stopped in September 2012 and started C25k in April this year. Must be the 2 of the best decisions Ive ever made, both have changed my life completely for the better.

    It makes me realise that our bodies are truly amazing pieces of machinery , my lungs must have been like a pair of smoked kippers and ready to burst, but I have had no breathing problems whatsoever doing this programme. It is remarkable how much my lungs have seemed to recover after all the years of abuse I gave them.

    Keep at it, the benefits are immense, it may make you want to consider stopping smoking completely, but that's entirely up to you of course.

    Good luck and well done for taking those first steps, enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • I have a feeling that the more I run the less likely I will want to smoke.

    Just hope I can complete the program.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • I used to smoke like a chimney! Until last year I thought I couldn't run. I never have run at all.

    Once I lost a load of weight I found a spring in my step I'd never had for years (aged 56) A lady at my fat fighters class told me all about C25k. I signed up and have been running a year and did my first half marathon today. I can't quite believe it - from being unable to run at all to where I am today. Can't quite believe it but I did it. You can too, you just have to believe it.

    I used to try and run with the dog but couldn't and thought I'd never manage it. C25k works!!!!

  • Thanks, and well done. Amazing in fact!

  • You will not want to smoke, or eat rubbish, as you find yourself immersed in the programme. You do everything to make that next session a better one. I packed in boozing as well. I got thin, healthy, booze and fag free. A new me in fact and I've never felt fitter. We can make astonishing changes to ourselves but you have to want to. Stick at it, it's not long tilmyou get to graduation and then the real running adventure begins.

    HAve fun!

  • Give up booze as well!? Steady on!

    Ha ha.

  • C25k will give you belief in your own ability and a respect for your amazing body. I suspect that it won't be long until the social smoking is ditched. This programme changes lives, as Misswobble proves, and it is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Good luck.

  • Hi. And well done for getting out there!

    I gave up smoking a few years back - luckily I was working in the NHS then so there was plenty of help about. The main thing that worked for me was changing habits - cereals and tea for breakfast was changed to coffee and toast, coffee breaks were spent with non-smokers, mars bars were swapped for fruit, spirits were swapped for wine etc (yes you are still allowed to have fun).

    If you take away the triggers it is easier. But the very best thing I did was to take up running. I ran through the cravings in the evening and kept on running until I didn't have the strength to light a cigarette lol

    I had a 10 year break from running after that but started again through C25K and haven't looked back. Did my first 10k this weekend - it was a killer but still had enough breath left for a triumphant "GET IN".

    The challenge of running can help take over the challenge of giving up smoking. But a word to the wise - running is addictive too!!

    Keep up the good work - you can do it : ))

  • I'm an ex smoker - stopped 7 years ago and smoked for 30+ years. I did find the breathing difficult at the start and put that down to smoking. But now I can run for 30 minutes without stopping, if I feel like I want to stop and walk I just take my pace down a bit.

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