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So another 5K run - yeah!


So after the disaster that was yesterday: I was very cautious on this run going even slower than usual: 5K in 43mins.

But I am still really chuffed I can get my 19 stone man flesh around 5K regardless of the time. Rock on :-).

The run wasn't without incident:

 - dog no 1 did a no 2 about 30 seconds in

 - dog no 2 did a no 2 about 3 minutes in

 - a helpful old lady assumed I had dropped the dog leads and so gave them back to me, not realising I lap the field 4 times and so leave dog 1 and 2's 'presents' in a little pile with the dog leads on top... I say helpful...

 - a very unfriendly dog decided to square up against my very wimpy dog and the three yuffs couldn't physically pull him back so I had to separate them

 - wow, the sun was hot - I really don't like heat....

So anyways, a great run in all and gave me back a bunch of 'peace of mind' after yesterday's fiasco.

5K - rock on!

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Well done, im with you on the heat it was even getting too hot for me when i finished my run Sun morn at 7ish god knows what i will be like in the middle of the summer, i suppose i will have to wear shorts which the world ain't ready for.


move to Scotland, the heat won't be a problem because when summer comes just take it as a rest day!

yatescoGraduate in reply to heavyhorse

I would dearly love to. I love Scotland and would happily take your weather over here!

heavyhorseGraduate in reply to yatesco

where about are you?

yatescoGraduate in reply to heavyhorse

Sunny Leicester.


Oh Yatesy, I cant keep up with you :-) Earlier you were on the IC and now youre off again :-)

Hope that leg holds up and you don't suffer any lingering side effects .

Well done on your run today xxx


Back on target again, young man. Well done!


Wow it's all relative isn't it - 5 k in 43 min seems like a dream to me! Big kudos to you and thanks for the laugh!! 😃

yatescoGraduate in reply to Indizulu

So the brilliant thing is that you too will be doing this in just a few short weeks!

It is great reading your posts. Good news that despite the best efforts of assorted dogs,old ladies and warm weather, you met your target and no injuries are holding you back! Went for my run later today since it is a public holiday and strolled out at 10. I was  finding it too warm by the end but it was only a max of 19 degrees today so the idea of summer is worrying me a bit. Last summer was horrendous here, up to 40 degrees and no respite. Think a large scale invasion of Scotland might be called for.


It was a bit cheeky going out again today... Supposed to be 'respecting the rest' remember! Glad you got away with it and everything held up despite minor setbacks BUT be careful!!

yatescoGraduate in reply to jt24

Howdy jt24 - actually yesterday was the rest day with the sneaky (and disastrous) run :-).

jt24Graduate in reply to yatesco

Yes, but you still ran yesterday...


Yay Yatsey! Back on form!


Hi. I graduated in Sunday and my first run after did 5K. I'm close to your time. Also took 41 mins. Goodness knows how people do it in 30 mins!!


Hey - congratulations David - seriously, well done! I have no idea how anybody can run a 5K in 30 minutes, but you know, I'm fine with that :-). 

What are you doing now - I am consolidating with a 5K every other day for a month, after which I will figure out where I want to improve. 

ScoobydavidGraduate in reply to yatesco

Think I will do 5K 3 x a week for a while and then plan to follow the couch to 10K program that I've downloaded. Not sure I'll be able to but then I didn't ever think I'd be able to do 5!


Take it, 5k is 5k 😊well done , 


😂😂😂 thanks for the laugh! You did a great job! Bravo!


Well done. I graduated in April, my 5 k was 41 mins, it's now down to 36 mins. I never quite believed those who said the speed would come. 

yatescoGraduate in reply to Maxiscot

A 12% reduction in time in a month? - that's great - really impressive and encouraging - thanks.


No probs. I think for me it was just a question of confidence, believing I would have enough left to go faster and get to 5 k.  

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