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Hi, I'm new to this, not fit and never really have been, apart from a brief spell 20 years ago when I did a 10K very slowly and then stupidly gave it up. I'm also a couple of stone overweight. I did my first run yesterday and was really struggling to breathe after the 6th one minute run. I tried this couple of years ago but gave up very quickly as I wasn't progressing at the same speed as the programme; in week 2 I couldn't move on to 90 secs run. Did anybody else find this? Should I repeat week 1 again?


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  • Well I wouldn't repeat it as the programme is meant to be progressive and you should be ok to move up. Just go very slowly and you should be able to manage it. Slow is absolutely fine and gives you the puff you need to finish the session. Relax and you'll be ok. The first run is always a bit of an anxious time but don't worry, if you go slowly enough you'll have more of a chance to get your breath back before you have to set off again.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes

  • You might be surprised at how you feel after the next two week 1 runs. Take it slowly and hopefully you should feel ready to move on by the end of the week. If not, don't worry - lots of people repeat weeks during the programme. I did an extra week 3 run as I didn't feel quite ready to move on to week 4. The important thing is to keep getting out the door - it doesn't matter how long it takes to reach week 9. Good luck!

  • Hi 50thisyear...that's me too (50 this year!!) :D

    I started last August, graduated October...I'm still out there 3 times a week and loving it!

    You'll see again and again 'take it sloooow and steady' - I struggled all through c25k getting the balance between my fitness level and breathing (was going just too fast for my fitness level so struggling to breathe)...eventually hammered it home that slow is good! Snails going faster was what I imagined, but it was the only way!

    Take the whole thing at your own pace...some take longer than others to get to the end, but it is soooo worth sticking at it. I did my longest run yesterday - 8.5k and felt really quite a runner!!. I really did struggle with the one minute runs at the start of the programme and dragged myself through the last two of the eight's amazing what this programme does.

    Well done for starting...keep going and let us know how you're getting on. :D

  • blimey you did really well, i felt like i was going to die and the 1st 1 min run .... i was 56 when i started last year,ex smoker as well , now running 3 x a week ,usualy 5k and now upto 6k ..

    Like it has been said the program is progressive , so each week builds you for the next , really take it slow and steady and then slower still if need be ,it isnt about how fast you run ..

    The main thing is you have taken that step outside and started , really it is something you wont regret :D good luck with the rest of those runs

  • There is no problem repeating weeks if you need to. I took 7 weeks before I could complete week 1 but I did it and completed the program. If you can't complete the runs, then don't feel bad about redoing the week. It's not a competition, so if you take the 9 weeks or 6 months, it's fine

  • At age 67, I was so unfit that I couldn't even imagine running non-stop for one minute!! - so I started another 6 week programme where I only had to run for 15 seconds at a time.:) Eventually I started and completed C25K - this morning I ran non-stop for 80 minutes and covered 10 klms.

  • I'm 51, ex smoker, and last january had half of my left lung removed. I started C25K at the beggining of September. I followed the program to the letter and completed it without misshap. On the week after graduation I did a ParkRun (5km).

    Since C25K I have increased my runs by 3mins each week, and this week am running one hour. On Christmas day morning I ran my first 10km.

    I have gone from thinking that I hate running (before I started), to absolutely loving it. Since finishing C25K ( 3 days par week ), I now run every other day.

    If I can do it then so can you, and like everyone else on here, you will soon find yourself loving to run.

  • What a fantastic post also glad you do a parkrun.

  • Slow down, That definitely helps, even if you slow down your jog to walking pace you are still running. I had troubles with breathing too and blamed it all on me being an ex-smoker of some 45 years. I think now I was just trying to go too fast too soon.

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