Week 8, Day 1... Happy surprise

So I did my week 8 Day 1 last night on my trusty treadmill. After my 28 minutes, I realized, I could keep going. So not only did I make it to 30 minutes, I upped my speed.  At the 30 minute mark I realized, I could keep going! But I didn't. I have my first 5K on Sunday, and my confidence is soaring!  However if I'm going to push myself, I'd rather save it for Sunday. So at 30 minutes I began my cool down and I felt great!  So proud of myself. I'll run again tomorrow.. and see if I can maintain my 30 minutes. Only a few more runs with the app, and one completed 5K under my belt as of the coming weekend, I'll finally be able to request my Graduate badge!  So Happy!

4 Replies

  • Well done, good luck for your 5k on Sunday 😊

  • Slow and steady and finish in style.... :)

  • Hi Potterbook, I'm right there alongside you doing week 8. We will graduate at the same time. It's amazing isn't it! I don't have the guts to go for 5k yet, but it's great that you do and I'm sure I'll get there eventually. Let's hear how it goes.

  • Will do! Thank you! Best to you as well.

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