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10k here I come!

Well, after a few days of mulling it over, I have given my behind a kick and signed up for the Race for Life 10k here in Leicester. I can run 5k now (yay!) and so I thought this would be a real challenge. Also, the fact that it's out there on Just Giving and my friends are now starting to sponsor me means that there's no turning back! So, 10 weeks to get to the point where I can make it around the course. I have no intention of aiming for a time or anything- in the great spirit of C25K, my aim is simply to finish! I'm doing the race in memory of a very dear friend who I know would be very proud. Wish me luck, running friends! Any advice, as always, is very much appreciated. 

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Many, many good lucks winging your way :)


Congrats and good luck! I am sure you will rock it though. Where abouts in Leicester?


Thanks! It's the Victoria Park race. Will have to do some park runs between now and then to get used to running with crowds. Here's hoping! 

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Wow...brave person :) Good luck!


You are braver than me - I signed up for the 5k Race for Life (but this month). All the best with the training. I suppose approaching the challenge as two 5K's - just one straight after the other! Best of luck :)


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