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C25k done, B210K here I come

Well I have done it. Yesterday I did my W9R3 run.

If I can do this anyone can, when I started I was 19 stone and could not run more than 60 seconds and also just had stent fitted.

Now Im 17 stone and can run for at least 38 minutes.

For those of you who worried about your pace, I found this is very dependant on the route and weather conditions. My runs have been between 29 and 38 mins for 5k.

Well now Im looking to consolidate this (speed up a bit) and then move on to the new podcasts.

Finally, I would just like to say a big thank you to Laura and the team who produce this fantastic programme. You have literally change my life!

Thank You

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Absolutely fantastic! Its a great programme and like you am so glad I started it. Didn't think I would complete it so completely surprised myself at not only completing it but running for 5k within 30 minutes. Only graduated a couple of weeks back but am still running two or three times a week and still enjoying it.

Keep going, things will only get better!


Brilliant achievement! Well done! :-)


Well done to you. You have a great attitude too :)


Brilliant! Well done on losing weight too :)


Well done Paul


Thank all for your very kind words


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