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Music Loudness when using C25K


I am using this app and it has been great whilst building up my week one runs, I am now on week 2 and I am finding that my playlist tat I use on Deezer plays fine but then music volume doesn't lower when Laura starts to talk. 

Now the opposite is happening in that I am finding that the music now does now lower when she speaks but then I can't turn it up again!

Is it me or is there a problem with the Android version of the App or in fact Deezer? Any experiences?



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Oh yes... Had nothing but trouble with the various versions of the app. Really disappointing.  The BBC version (same Laura script but with various celeb voices) seemed okay but then just stopped mid way through. In the end I gave up and used the old mp3 podcasts, stuck with their music but works all the time.

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I have no issue with the app cutting in when I'm listening to music on Rocket Player on my phone, but I don't use Deezer. I suspect there will be a setting in Deezer for how to handle notifications, that will be the one you want to adjust!


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