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What app will play music and talk to me??

I am running up to about 25 - 26 mins a time now, am just moving onto week 8, and have always been listening to Laura and her strange set of music tracks, but I am finding them a bit tedious now, and would like to run with my own tracks, but at the same time have someone tell me I have run for 5 mins or 10 mins etc.

Does such an app exist, as I find it nicer to be told how long I have run for that to try and keep track on my watch or ipod.

Thank you :)

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The "official" public health England app has the C25K plan, talks to you and plays your own music.

Not the greatest app, but it will do what you need.


I use Runkeeper, which tracks your run and can be set to give voice notifications at time distance/intervals of your choice, as well as pace/average pace info, while your own music/ podcasts etc. run in the background. As far as I know most of the other smart phone apps do likewise.

Runkeeper could be set to give you all the C25k intervals, if you wished, but it would not pass on Laura's advice.


Endomondo I think 😀 I feel sure it does that, and there is a free version, or a more pro version should you find you get on with it 🙂


My personal favourite app is Zombie Run.

It tracks your distance and pace, it gives you audio cues every km and plays your own music.

The best bit is it cuts in every few minutes and tell you a story - think Walking Dead type story.

You can even turn on Zombie Chases - at random times you are chased by zombies and have to sprint for a shot time.

These also a "gameified" element where you collect items and build your own zombie proof base.

Yes... I am a big kid lol :-D

(BTW - I use Strava and Fitbit for "proper" time and distance stats)

LOL I've just realised I use three tracking apps when I run!


Ive got this one too Noclue , its fab isnt it ?

I end up running down the street practically shrieking my head off , Ha ha ! :-D xxx

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I've actually run past my house at the end of a run because a chase started just before I got home - I WILL NOT let the catch me! :-D

I'm on season 2 mission 22.

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Ha ha !

Im still ploughing my way through Season 1 ! I had to turn the chases off, I was getting too giddy ! :-D

Plus I downloaded a sound track of horror film music to play in the background and was scaring myself half to death ! :-) xxx



I only have the chases on once a week. I once accidentally left them on during my "hills day", I thought I was going to die while attempting to sprint uphill.

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I bet you didn't get caught though ! :-) xxxx


I have to stop and put on glasses to see the screen so have to press the button as I'm leaving the car and just put up with whatever is played


Oh this sounds so much fun. Hoping to join n the party when I get a phone to play with 🙂


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