Back on track....sort of!!

Hi all! I haven't been on here much lately, don't know why but I suspect it's because I felt so guilty as I haven't been running half as much as I should be , Like maybe once or twice a week :( I have felt really down about it and kept telling myself I'd go tomorrow but never managed it, I feel like I'm back to square one and half term I really went to town on the food, wine and vegging so have probably put on the little amount of weight I lost back on and then some.

So today I decided it was time to change my mind set and get out there and run my old "Laura" route, I dropped my littlest at nursery and my friend joined me for a jog, we were ten minutes in and I spotted a poorly seagull in the middle of the road, Well I couldn't just leave it there so to cut a long story short, we put it in a picnic bag/box ( scrounged from a nearby house) and started walking home with him. At this point the heavens opened the thunder rumbled and we got soaked to the skin, LITERALLY!!!! RSPCA man came to fetch the poor bird and I went home feeling somewhat cheated out of my run :( Sorry about the essay, It was just a weird weird day. Hope to get out again Wednesday, seagulls and rain permitting:)


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  • Can I just add I did jog back with said bird, and what a sight I must've looked too! Birdy was bleeding from the eye and beak and It made me cry :( Nd a hug now!!!

  • That's some run! I'm glad you were able to rescue the seagull.

    I've been off the diet over half term too but I hope I haven't done too much damage. ;-)

  • I have gone completely off the rails!! :( Gym tomorrow!!

  • Know that feeling. Diet & running start again today!

  • (((((()))))) hug for being upset and ((((())))) hug for being a hero to the seagull. I don't have scales and have not been weighed since the first week in February, or thereabouts. I was 80kg so needed to lose about 15kg. I have run 3 times most weeks, go to a tough yoga class once a week, do zumba once a week and have a glider thing at home that I use most days. I was at the docs for the delightful smear so took the opportunity to be weighed and am totally, utterly, completely, soul destroyingly devastated to learn I have lost the grand total of 1kg.....yes 1kg........I can't believe it......I'm thinking one week off or even two will hardly make a difference :( However, I would feel really bad if I stopped exercising, it definitely makes me feel good......overweight....but feeling good :) Hope the gym is fun.

  • Hey Pat, its okay to fall off the run wagon now and again. But you can get back on there, remember your the one that inspired me to do Race for Life !!

    I am not fast and have a few aches and pain which slow me down, and sometimes make me walk instead of run.

    But I do what I can and keep going, so I know you can and will get back there and once you do there will be no stopping you.

  • You were one of the first members on here to inspire me to keep going (back when I was lurking, before finding the courage to commit to joining). I don't think you realise quite how inspiring you have been :)

    Please get back on the wagon soon. I've missed your blogs!

  • Oh goodness! Thank you :) I have made an extra effort and did a treadmill run at the gym ( no gazelle). Only managed 29 minutes and 3k...Rubbish!! Hey ho, Onwards and upwards :)

  • Glad to hear it :)

  • Sometimes in life you get to the point where there no wheels on your wagon but you've got to get back out and start rolling along. Once you have a couple of runs under your belt it will feel like you have never been away!

  • Thank you :)

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