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W1 R2 done...just

After my nauseating first run on Monday where I only managed 3 out of the 8 runs today I've been out and done the FULL 8 runs! Whoop whoop!

I did as suggested and slowed my jog right down and found it much more manageable - although I was dragging myself for the last couple of runs.

I had planned to go really early this morning..I set the alarm for 6 but then just rolled over and went back to sleep. Oops. The best laid plans....

I run up and down the same path as it's really quiet and I didn't want to be seen by other people. Friday I'm going to go when it's dark 😂

One thing I have found is my shins now it just because they're not used to exercise?

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Well done you! 

I too was concerned about running where I could be seen at first, however with my head phones inserted in my ears, eyes on the path ahead and mind concentrating on where my next breath is coming from, I really didn't give a thought to how I looked or what other people thought. 

You are doing this for you, be proud that you have made a start on a very rewarding journey.  Keep up the good work. 

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Well done, sounds like you're making real progress - and that's what it's all about! I too found it much more manageable when these clever folks told me to slow things down. I think you automatically come into this programme thinking running means being fast, but actually the real achievement comes in going for longer and increasing your endurance. I had some weird shin aches and pains in the first two weeks, on and off. There's loads of info out there about various shin things, but I learnt (thanks again to clever folks on here) that getting a proper pair of trainers and doing your stretches really helps. I do stretches after my runs now and I haven't had any more problems (fingers crossed!). 

Keep going and ENJOY! 

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Well done! Yes, your shins are getting used to the exercise. If it's quite painful apply some ice a couple of times a day and do your stretches. I had shin pain for the first 2-3 weeks and found pain relieving cream to be quite helpful too. Good luck!


Glad to hear it went better at the slower pace. I worried about people too, you'll soon get over this as your confidence and self belief grows, just knowing that most people are in awe of anyone that runs will help. 

You will get loads of aches and pains, check you have the right shoes, don't skip a gait analysis as this is really helpful. Do the stretch and flex exercises. Warm up properly and you should be fine. Oh and again, take it slow.


Woo hoo!


Slow and steady really does work! 

You'll find that your distance will increase over the weeks so have a wee contingency route planned. Your confidence will grow too, few runs under your belt and you won't feel the need to 'hide' :)

Well done, keep going :)


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