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It's almost one year since I graduated. I couldn't imagine when I start C25k that I would ever be able to run for 30 mins and in fact I've managed to run for a whole hour and cover 8.5k. Amazing really. However the last few weeks the motivation has been slipping and today I did what I've only ever done once before- I stopped mid run and walked home. It's the first time I haven't been able to regulate my breathing and I just couldn't sort it out.

Need to get my mojo back. I feel that I might be falling out of love with running and that worries me. I haven't spent all this time and effort only to give up 12 months on. Perhaps I should sign up to do a race in the New year. Definitely need something to aim for. Sorry to go on but I now that you all understand how frustrating this running lark can be at times. Thanks for listening.


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It's more likely to do with the time of year than losing your love surely. We all have those sort of times. I hope your mojo comes bounding back to you real soon.


I totally understand what you're saying. This time of year is tough, the temptation is to stay at home rather then forcing yourself out in the cold and dark. I only graduated in August, but shortly after I had graduated I could feel my mojo waning and I had to force myself to keep running. I found that cutting back to one run during the week in the dark and then a longer run at the weekend has really helped. I've built up to five miles at a weekend in a few weeks. I've also signed myself up for a Rat race next year, it's a massive challenge and absolutely not something I can skimp on training for. It's really helped keep me focused and getting out there. That might be something to look at - I've started getting sponsorship in - it really drives me to keep going! xxx


I think you should have a look through the events find one that excites you and just sign up, it will give you something to work towards or maybe go to your local parkrun a couple of times a month just to work on speed and challenging yourself, it is really easy to let the winter months make you hide in the warm, but it would be a real shame to lose all that fitness you have worked so hard for


Do something different - parkrun, other event, run with a friend, join a gym and have a go on a treadmill...

Are you on the FB page? Lots of runners there too!

Linda x


Not on the Facebook page though would like to be. Is it c25k?


It's a closed group you can ask to join, lots of us are there too.

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