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W4R2 Done-ington

Late post but finished W4R2 yesterday. It turns out my gym membership is still active till 9th of May (from my last attempt to get fit, can't remember if it was a 6 or 9 month membership....) so on my rest day on Tuesday I did 30 mins on the cross trainer, felt a lot better for it & so did my legs. I then did w4r2 on the treadmill yesterday. I went for 12kph on the two 3 minute sections, did 11.2 on the first 5 minute one and slowed down from 11 to 9.8 for the last one. My heart rate is quite high 180-200 whenever I check it during a run.

So altogether inc warm up & down 4.45km the same as w4r1. As a side point I find music helps a lot to push myself but I should probably pace myself better than that. I just want everything to happen right now. My weight is now down to 102.9kg too and I've started eating healthier. I always find when I start running my appetite goes down.

Hope everyone is OK!

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What will u do when the membership lapses?  I run outside and explore the countryside and often think "this is totally free exercise" - just as well as I haven't worked for a year now (my own choice so I can focus on some volunteering and thanks to my husband who allows me to have this time out)!  I totally admire people who work full time and run, they have real dedication.  Well done for the healthy eating too

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Hey, I will run outside again, I find the gym useful if I have an injury or something sore as the crosstrainer is excellent. But then the advantage of c25k is it is structured to avoid injuries. I do prefer to run outside though, especially if the weather is good. Ive only done 1 of the c25ks at the gym so far. 

Nice work with the volunteering! I'm only working part time at the moment so the gym is a bit of a luxury - and one I haven't used for a few months so making the most of the last few days.  

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