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W4R2 done

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Repeated W4R1 and felt ecstatic afterwards, then two days later did W4R2 which was soooo uncomfortable, I keep nearly talking myself out of this whole challenge when I’m jogging along, feeling like I’m almost standing still, just managing to get one foot in front of the other, I can’t help feeling pathetic, and how stupid must I look. I take my hat off to all you fantastic dedicated people who are meeting this challenge head on, you really are all amazing! Will try W4R3 today and see how it goes.........

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You’re a star, Honeybee ⭐️ Courage is going on when you’d much rather not. As to how you look when jogging, think how much worse you would look sprawled on the sofa stuffing yourself with crisps and cake ! Keep going: we’re all right behind you here 😀

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Keep going I've just finished w4. It was hard going but you will get there. Your doing well your giving it your best and getting out there. You can do it

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Well done... you’re out there and doing it, it’s a process that takes time, you’re anything but pathetic. As for looking stupid, stand in a running shop (sunglasses recommended) and check out the loud shoes and insane colour combinations on some of the tops we wear... we new running types have to get used to looking silly 😂

Keep going, you can do this.

Keep going - I can’t tell you how many times I thought it was impossible and wondered how others had ever managed it ! Some days are just hard. Keep at it keep smiling- you can do this - but do it your pace & enjoy it 😊🏎🏁

Ps week 5 was my favourite ever - you’re nearly there!!!! 👍

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One foot in front of the other is fine! You're doing great! 👟👟😁

I found r2 of w4 really tough, especially the last 5 min run. Found r3 easier and so pleased I did t give up after 2

You're doing fantastic. Hope w4r3 went ok - you're one run ahead of me. It took me 2 years from first downloading the app to plucking up the confidence and making the time to give it a go. I'm amazed what I've achieved so far and so have you! Keep going!

Honeybee, keep it up! Do just as you’re doing, putting one foot in front of the other and slaying those pesky gremlins. It’s mind over matter a lot of the time. We’ve all been through it at some point.

Can you distract yourself with a killer playlist or an interesting podcast? I find it helps me no end.

But don’t give up, please! We’re all here to help and cheer you on! 👏👏👏👏

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You are doing so well .. don't be so hard on yourself ... you are still out there doing it . You should be very proud of yourself on your progress

Putting one foot in front of the other is all thats needed . Keep going you can do it 😁

I’m about to run W4R2 - found W4R1 a big step up it’s great to know that there are others running love reading these posts to spur me on - Don’t give up - I was going so slow last part I’m sure I was going backwards...lol 😳😂....you’re not on your own ....and I’m right behind you 😉

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