Week 9 run 1

Woo hoo. I'm nearly there! Cold run tonight but enjoyable once I warmed up. All the way thinking still can't quite believe I can do this! But I am! How was it 8 weeks ago I could barely breathe when now I can breathe fine, it's just the legs that hurt eventually. I've also had to lengthen the route somewhat since I started. Happy days. If I can do it, anyone can!

5 Replies

  • Good luck - you WILL do it - on the homeward trail now. I still smile remembering how I was on week 1. 

  • I hope you are planning something special for your graduation run!

  • Congratulations - you are nearly there.  The legs will catch up with the breathing, don't worry. Well done on becoming a bona fide runner.

  • Almost there... brilliant. Slow and steady! 

  • Nearly there indeed! Keep positive and be proud of yourself.

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