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Week 5 Done!

I was really nervous about this run as it seemed an impossible leap from 2 x 8min runs to one whole 20min run. I had to stop my brain telling me that I couldn't do it, especially at the half-way mark where I felt I really deserved a break, but I did it and I am so pleased.

The piriformis muscle is responding well to longer intervals between runs and lots and lots of stretching (the pigeon pose is marvellous) and rollering, so that is really encouraging, hopefully it will get stronger as time goes on.

Now, dare I go and peek at what week 6 looks like?

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I did this one today and now I'm back to earth I've just had a peek at week 6. Run 1 is 18 mins in intervals, run 2 is 2x10 min runs with a gap in between. Pah! We just just ran 20 straight, should be a piece of cake, right... What could possibly go wrong?! 😁


I know, what's that about, eh?  We'll be fine....I am sure....


Oh well done! That run is the turning point. Watch out for w6r1 though, it unsettles some of us because it is back to running intervals and can be surprisingly hard after the longer block.


A big well done on conquering the biggie run. You should feel very proud as 20 minutes is a long time to run. I'm glad that your Piriformis is behaving! 

Take care with the next run as a lot of folks find it a toughie and run a tad too quickly. Well, after the euphoria of W5R3 we all think we're Mo Farah! Just run very slowly and you'll be fine. 


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