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Week 6, ouch!

Having pretty much sailed through the 20 minuter on friday i went into W6R1 full of positivity and promptly gassed myself in the 8 minute section!! Managed to finish at a snails pace but had to dig REALLY deep to keep going at a jog not a walk.

It was the first time I'd ever got ahead of myself and upped my pace too much so felt a bit daft haha  Very sore today though

Managed for the first time to pass the 5k mark though 5.02k to be exact which was a bonus. 

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Many people feel the same about this run so you are not alone! Really well done on the 5K though, but keep it nice and slow for the rest of the runs. You don't want to end up injured.


Week 6 does catch alot out after the euphoria of the 20 min run, you did it , pace doesn't matter, completing the timed runs is the goal 😊

Well done on the distance too 😊


Don't worry, it is just that first run of w6 which is a right b* The others will be great :)

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Cheers guys, W6R2 tonight.  Forcast is rain, yay!


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