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Survived week 6!!


Can’t quite believe it. Somehow managed to drag myself out of bed at 6:45 on a Monday morning. Was convinced I would never complete the full 25 minutes, and for the first half I was very close to stopping. Something amazing happened at 15 minutes though. I stopped thinking and just jogged, it was amazing! Very proud of myself. I’m very very slow but can’t believe I actually did it. The extra calf and leg exercises I’ve been doing definitely helped 😇😇

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Well done Ellie. Don't let those gremlins into your head. They have a habit of trying to take over your head.

You can do it!

Elmz in reply to Goforitmama

Thanks. Hopefully I’ll be more confident now that I can do it! Even at my snails pace :’)

Running59 in reply to Elmz

Before my run I’m very focused. I visualise my run and I psych myself up telling myself you can do this, legs strong body strong, you’ve got this. Throughout the run I’m telling Myself the same question. Coming to the end of the run I shout push, push push. Sounds a bit crazy but it works for me

Elmz in reply to Running59

Yeh I have tried it a couple of times when I’m struggling. It does help, even if I do get a few funny looks talking to myself! Maybe I should do it more at the start to get in the zone :)


Fantastic! I love the fact that you pretty much forgot you were running! :D

Elmz in reply to southlundon

It was a very strange sensation! But kind of fun in a way :)

southlundonGraduate in reply to Elmz

It’s happened to me once so far in the programme and I can’t wait for it to happen again!


Slow is good, in fact it's the best way forward 🌻

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