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Break from running

Having been so delighted at running 28 mins (week 8) I have come down with a viral throat infection and exacerbated asthma, now on steroids. really bothered that this will put me back with my progress. I will probably not run for  a week, any tips on how to get back up to speed? Do i try a straight 28mins and see how it goes or start back on say week 6 ? Absolutely gutted as just signed up for the BHF marathon in a month too.

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That sounds awful - my sympathies. I had a 2 week break between week 5 day 2 and the dreaded day 3 (20 minutes) run due to health reasons.

I went straight back into it, took it nice and slowly and it was fine.

If it is only a week, given you have been ramping up the mileage on week 6, 7 and 8 you are clearly capable of that mileage and your body won't forget that in a week. I say, ignore the self-doubt (which we all have) and trust the excellent base you have built so far.

In the meantime, why not google for some running tips/form/post graduation plans to keep you 'on track'? (oh dear - see what I did there!)

Also, to be honest, if you did week 7 and week 8 then week 9 will probably be a walk in the park :-).


Concentrate on recovering, don't worry about losing your Gainz. You won't lose fitness in a week. When you are well again (properly well) run again. If you have to go back a week then its really not the end of the world.

You've signed up to do  marathon a month after finishing C25k? Wut?


I agree with the others  - you won't lose much, if any fitness in a week. Also a little confused about the marathon comment? It takes a long time and a lot of training to get to that level. Best to start off building those running legs with 5ks then 10k etc. Good luck🙂


Sorry to butt in , but I think this is a virtual marathon where you do 26.2 miles spread throughout May .

Please correct me if Im wrong Diddy :-) xxx


That's bad luck but it will pass. I would just go back to where you were in the programme since you are not recuperating from an injury. Repeat your last run or try the next. It doesn't really matter. Any problems and you can go a week or so back but I doubt you'll lose much fitness.


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