Outside Running from now on

Hi all,

Well after running outside for the first time last week I felt pretty sore and thought I would alternate between running outside and doing it on the cross trainer.

However, went out running yesterday and today I feel great (that link to leg stretches that someone put up is magic!) so will be running outside from now on.

So tomorrow it's week 5 here I come, outside this time! But nervous because I'll be bringing my westie alongside me for the first time and not sure how she will cope with having going on a different route with lots of traffic, she's a country lass at heart!

Anyway, just wanted to touch base. Hope everyone's runs are going well! :-)


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36 Replies

  • Good luck with your run tomorrow and I hope your little westie enjoys it too :) I started week 5 yesterday and really enjoyed it (though did the same old route and no dog to run with me)

  • Thank you, glad you enjoyed run 1, how you feeling about the next ones?

    Fingers crossed I don't hurt her- she has a tendency to get under my feet, sometimes in the house I'll stop and feel a cold wet nose ram into the back of my knee!

  • Aw bless her. I used to have a dog and tried bike riding with her running beside me. Sometimes worked but mostly didn't. I had to give it up in the end though as it was far too dangerous for both of us!!

    Feeling a little apprehensive to be honest. Felt great about it all yesterday and today but this evening started to think about it for real. Two 8 min runs doesn't seem such a jump after the 5 min runs but seems like a real step up to the 20 mins! So, if I think too hard about that one I'm just going 'eeeek'! lol But, still trying to psyche myself up to it too cos it'll be fantastic to complete it.

  • Bikes and dogs can be one heck of a concoction! I tried cycling with my mum's dog and she pulled me off the seat and onto the bar- ouch! More fool me though because I kept on trying with little success :-)

    I'm with you there, 8 minutes seems tough but doable and 20 seems very ambitious! Saying that, I didn't think I'd be able to get this far, or conquer my fear of The Outside, so who knows, I reckon we can both give it a bl**dy good go!

  • Ouch! Yeah I had a similar experience. She didn't exactly pull me just came to a complete standstill because of a very interesting smell! It was when she got confident and decided to cross in front of the bike that I gave it up as a bad job :o

    Just having my morning cuppa before heading off out for R2 so will let you know how it goes. Keep us updated on how you get on too :)

  • Good luck, I'll be doing mine in a couple of hours :-)

  • Can you do me a favour and put the link up for me if you have it please? I have a few links to try for leg stretches.

    Good luck with your run tomorrow :) xx

  • Hi Barbara,

    Yep, here's the link. It says it for shin splints, but I find it them good all round leg stretches and I'm hoping they'll help prevent shin splints :-P


    Hope you're well and looking forward to your fun runs- can't wait to read all about it :-) xxx

  • Thanks those look good

  • Thank you so much :)

  • I love running outside always feels much nicer than on treadmill. Hope your Westie likes it. My Springer adored running with me although often affronted when I wanted to stop and walk! Sadly he's no longer with us.

  • Sorry to hear that, it's always hard to lose a companion.

    Yep running outside is definitely more interesting :-) and it means that as things start testing my mental blocks again, I will have to see them through so I can get home! :-)

  • Thanks. I agree if you stop on the treadmill if you stop outdoors you have to get home somehow!

  • Giid luck with your run. I find outside running is more interesting if a bit hazardous at times ;-)

  • Definitely! Looking to buy some high vis stuff, no idea what, but to try and stop the farmers from nearly running me over at Christmas! :-P

  • Good luck to you and your Westie! I find both my mutts tend to run in a straight line - something different seems to click in that doesn't during the walks when they can get underfoot.

    Also great that you're flexible with running inside and out. I think that gives you the best of both worlds.

  • I really hope Maia is the same as your dogs then! Fingers crossed, though I'm sure she will love it, regardless of how I feel it goes!

    Will definitely be keeping the cross trainer in mind in case my back flares up- always nice to have a back up plan :-)

  • Think I might take one of my lab girls with me tomorrow. Reckon she will love it. In January they can both come. My older girl is recovering from a cruciate repair op and needs 12 weeks recovery :) Looking forward to running with my girls

    All lucky dogs aren't they :))

  • Gosh that operation sounds painful! It'll be a lovely start to the year to have both dogs with you while you go running :-) especially along the tow path! :-) xxx

  • It's been a very long haul but she has been a superstar patient and has had lots of Physio and hydro too, which she has loved

  • The hydro seems like lots of fun, and I bet it was nice for her to have her weight supported while recovering her muscles :-)

    I cannot imagine walking 18 dogs! How many do you walk at once?

  • I'm insured for 6 plus my two but normally 6 in total and I do two big walks a day. They are mostly off lead as we go in the middle of nowhere. They have a great time and I love it. Mostly labs and spaniels who all adore each other

  • hi and welcome to the outside world :D good luck with your week5 runs :D

  • Thank you! Reckon I'll need all the luck I can get during the next couple of weeks! :-P *puts on determined face*

  • Hope you and your westie have a good run tomorrow, glad the outside running is going well.

  • Thank you :-) it'll certainly be another new experience for both of us! :-)

  • Thank you! I'm sure we'll get better with practice :-P

  • I always run with my dog, however we run in the countryside with no traffic so he runs free. I once took him on the lead when we were in town and it was a disaster. It was around week 4 of the training if I remember right, he made me go too fast and as a result I could not finish. The other drawback is now he is so fit he wants a 6k run every morning!!!!

    Good luck and happy running.

  • 6k every morning? Thats amazing :-) my mum stays in the country and my dog is so much happier there, though I have often wondered if it's because she's picking up cues from me being more comfortable out in the sticks too :-)

  • I wish! I only run 6k one or twice a week. The rest of the time we walk, much to his "chagrin"! But he does average 10k of walks a day (my husband also takes him out). He does keep us fit and motivated... but we have the luxury of being retired, so plenty of time to spare.

    Being out "in the sticks" made me smile as his name is Sticks!!!!

    And which dog would not prefer the countryside to the confines of town?

  • It sounds like he does very well with his long walks and running :-) I bet he's a very happy wee chap! Is he rather fond of sticks?

    Maia is a westie and was rather more of a pain in the bum than I'd hoped today! Turns out she doesn't much like cyclists, though I'm sure she'll get more used to them the more often we do it. She's always been scared of everything, so this will just be another part of her journey :-)

  • When Sticks was a puppy he was just a big belly with long stick like legs and tail, hence the name. He is mad on sticks and if we don't throw him any, he tries to uproot saplings!

    He loves living in the country for the walks and freedom he gets, but he "talks" a lot when he goes out... we think it is because he is scared of his own shadow, so he tries to scare anything out there and avoid confrontations!

    He too was scared of cycles until we got one ourselves. It may be worth you borrowing one so he can see it isn't a big monster who is going to attack you!

    Incidently, if you ware interested, just click on my name and you will see his picture.

    Happy running

  • Aw! He is beautiful! :-)

    She was a lot better today with the bikes, so hopefully that's the start of her getting used to the route and environment :-)

  • My daughter often visits with her beagle. He follows me around the house pleading with me until i take him for a run. If we go to the local park and he runs free he totally loves it. Around the streets i run at my maximum in order to keep up with him until he does a 180 degree turn because he has been distracted by a smell. He loves the parkrun and with a bit of help he keeps focused. He absolutely loves overtaking other runners. One drawback is when he is being taken for a walk in the streets by anyone and a jogger overtakes him he wants to give chase and pass the jogger again.

  • That sounds fantastic! What a wee character :-D

    Do you run with headphones when he comes along with you?

  • My whole route is lead free. My girls hardly ever have lead on...they are so lucky. Mine on lead could pull a sled in the snow instead....all the ones I walk which is 18. Can you imagine

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