Advice on running again after 3wk break

I've not been out running now for three weeks due to the heat. I find I just can't breathe when it's like this so I really struggle. Anyway, with rain & storms on the way this week I'm desperate to get back out there. Will it be hard to get back into it, do you know? Will I find it really tough? Before I took a break, I was running 5k in 28 mins if that helps. Any advice gratefully received.


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  • If you were running 5k in 28 mins you will be fine - just don't expect to beat that on your first run - ease back into it gently. Distance wise don't go further than before and I would keep the pace very steady at 2 k try a few 400 m / quarter miles at the previous pace. If you have no side effect and unexpected aches ease back into what you were doing before.

  • Thank you. Good advice that I will take on board. I'm going to try running my normal route with (hopefully) no expectations and see how I get on. Strangely nervous though.

  • I haven't run for a 2 weeks and wil not be running for a further 2 weeks. It is the Islamic month of Ramadan so i am currently fasting and I have no intention of running in this heat while fasting for 18 hours! When I start running again I plan on running 5km immediately but at a slower pace and taking a few weeks to build up to 10km again.

  • Does the fasting include water? If so that sounds very difficult. Please forgive my ignorance, I do not wish to sound impertinent, I'm just interested to know.

  • i don't mind any questions, it you don't ask you won't know! Yes it includes both food and drink during daylight, so I drink plenty of water when I open my fast fast at around 9pm and also drink plenty when I eat in the morning at 3am. The first few days were a bit difficult but the body adapts suprisingly quickly. But as with many difficult tasks (such as running 5km) it is as much in the mind as it is in the body!

    I just stay out of the sun and avoid exerting myself. I have kept myself involved in my local ParkRun though, I volunterred for the first time this weekend.

  • Thanks for your reply and advice Aftabs. I think I'll give 5k a go (slowly) straight off and see how I get on. Might take a while! Hope your fasting goes okay, by the way.

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