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a break from running :(

Never thought I'd ever see the day where I would be sad about this.. Saw the doctor today for recurring hip pain which started four weeks ago, attempted some little runs last week which initially felt okay but the pain and discomfort is now back, and due to me having shallow sockets and hip braces as a baby I was abit worried.

She examined me and thinks there are no major joint problems (hurray!), measured both my leg lengths - as sometimes different leg lengths can cause problems, my right leg was 3cm shorter by her measurements, and she also weighed me (grrr, as I was only 1kg lighter than the last time I got weighed there about 5 months ago).

She has referred me to a physio but that could be a long wait so in the mean time she advised me not to run and stick to low impact activities like swimming, cycling and walking, and watch this space, and to go back if it worsens etc.

Very sad to say after not running for basically four weeks it might be alot longer before I do :(

Hope everyone elses running is going fabulously this week and onwards!

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I'm so sorry to hear that. I totally feel your pain. No pun intended haha! I've been having pains in my right thigh and I'm scared if I keep going its going to get worse, as it already has. Taking a break as well, one week from graduating :/


Oh nooooo :( Take it easy give yourself a rest and you might be lucky, maybe you have just overdone it! xxxx


Have you been referred to a podiatrist too? I have a short leg too. i have an orthotic in my left shoe. It's a shame that it takes so long to get physio and podiatrist appointments. I'm at present trying to get a podiatrist appointment as I feel since I've started running I may need an orthotic for my right shoe to raise my instep. Infact I'm considering going private, I'm going to phone the sports injury clinic that the NHS has refered me to before to find out how much they charge for podiatry appointments, I know their physio appointments are around £50.


Hi BettyJane - no just a physio at the moment, the doctor wasn't sure if her measurement was right so she wants them to check it too... I have never had problems before though and never noticed anything?!

Good luck with your progress sorry to hear about your difficulties! :(


I know what it is like not to be running. I have not been able to do any running for about 5 weeks now, due to knee pain, was initially in one knee, but now both knees are causing pain. Even walking up stairs is too much! Waiting for a orthopaedic appointment to come through. GP thinks I may need surgery! Hopefully you can get your pain sorted by physio. I hate not being able to run, next planned run was wk 9 run 2, so was nearly there! Worse thing is the weight gain When running I was eating healthily, as didn;t want to ruin all the effort I was putting in, but now being immobile, am back to eating rubbish and of am paying for.

Once again, good luck with the physio.


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