Couch to 5K

Week 6 run 3 done!

So yesterday I ran for a whole 25 minutes without stopping! It was amazing :) The pace is still slow but I feel aa if I am in a good rhythm and am getting to grips with regulating my breathing so im happy.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to answer my questions and give words of encouragement to me over the last few weeks. I could not have done this without your help :)

I'm hoping that the next few weeks go well and then I'll work on picking up the pace a bit. For now however i'm just going to enjoy what I've achieved :)

Thanks again everyone :)

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Well done nettie! I see you are amazed at the progress you are making. :) It's a great feeling isn't it? The sense of achievement just keeps getting better though. You are right not to focus on pace for the moment. In many ways that takes care of itself as you continue to run. Next stop is graduation and/or the ability to run and hold a sensible conversation at the same time!

Kepping going.... :)


Great stuff, you are doing really well ! x


Well done, it really does feel good, doesnt it. Dont worry, you are on the homeward stretch of C25K now. Just keep to a comfortable pace, dont try to go too fast, and you will be fine. You've already done the hardest part, the final weeks are just building on the great job you've already done.


Good going Nettie! Week 6 is no joke! You nailed it and you are looking at the finishing post now. It's easier after week 6 I think, and I'm sure most would agree with me that Week 6 is a tricky beggar! You're over the worst now

So, carry on steadily, slowly but surely towards Graduation Day. No rush, just keep plugging away, you're nearly there

Slookie get the duster out love! Who's on pom pom duty ???????


How great is that? And you sound as if you're really enjoying it too. If you can run for 25 minutes you can run for 30 so just continue to take the last few weeks slowly and enjoy your runs to graduation!


Well done you, you're doing great! Week 6 is proper tricky.

Just take it steady now and enjoy the next few weeks finished off with a well deseved graduation.

:-) xx


Thank you so much everyone :) I'm looking forward to getting up tomorrow and starting week 7. I never imagined that I'd actually want to get up and run in the morning! What an amazing program C25K is.


Thank you :)


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