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Week 4 done! Tough run though...

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Hello lovely running folks!

This is my *second* attempt at writing this. I did my first attempt on the app, and it ate it somehow, so I had a cuppa and tried again :)

Week 4 Run 3 - well so far because of the way my schedule is, I end up doing Run 3 on a Tuesday after work, and to be honest, I can feel that I've been at work all day. I love the feeling of running, creating distance from the work stresses, but I can't deny it's a little more difficult as I'm starting out tired. I'm thinking I may need to alter my routine for Week 5 run 3!!

So today - started hard, but got easier. I felt like giving up towards the end of the the first 3 minute run, but there you all were, inside my head, cheering me on. Oh and Oldfloss being a very lovely parrot with her "Squawk! Slow and Steady. Slow and Steady". And trust me floss, that's a great thing, you are so encouraging, and I really appreciate it! Even if I do call you a parrot from time to time ;)

Once I'd got over that hurdle, I simply paced myself for the 5 minute run, it was a little harder because I was tired, but I managed it and the second 2 runs seemed somehow easier. I'm a dab hand at the walking segments now, shame they will soon be disappearing!

Once again, thanks so much for the support you guys (and gals), you are amazing. Certain people seem to comment encouraging things over and over again, you know who you are, and you are appreciated.

Oh - and I made a heron friend on my warm-down walk, see pic :) Sorry about the quality of the pic!

Take care and run safely,


32 Replies
Kimchoc08 profile image

Great post and well done on the run 🏃🏼😊

in reply to Kimchoc08

Thank you Kim, and congratulations on your progress too, I have been following with interest :)

Kimchoc08 profile image
Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to

Thanks 😊 I'm just glad that my posts can help others 😊

Debbie698 profile image

Well done Neil - think I am going to struggle with my next run W6R3 so I shall take Parrot(lovely encouraging old floss) with me 🤣

in reply to Debbie698

Oh definitely, she's essential :D Thing is though, you can do it! You really can, you've trained for this, and if you've got this far you're doing so well! Make sure you let us all know how you get on though!

Debbie698 profile image
Debbie698 in reply to

Going to try part of the leeds Liverpool canal for it on Thursday or Friday - need it flat for this length of run! Then if I collapse someone will find me!

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Debbie698

I shall be there..my little legs are all ready!

Bluebirdrunner profile image

Ha, well done Neil😊 and I think you might just have gotten away with calling Oldfloss a parrot...Just...She was a schoolteacher in her pre-running days you know and could arrange a detention😉...

You are doing brilliantly , and do well to go out after work, but as you say, you may want to jiggle your schedule a bit so next week's Run 3 is at the weekend maybe...

Good luck with W5 R1 onwards and upwards..

in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Jan :) If it's the sort of detention where you have to run round the school field several times, I might actually like that now. Thanks for all the encouragement too!

Mummycav profile image

Lovely post...Oldfloss is worth her weight in gold..she'll prob never know the amount of lives she's touched...& changed. I am lucky that I'm a stay at home Mum so I don't have to go out to work, I don't know how anyone finds the energy to run after a full days graft..but I suppose if you want to succeed you have to get the runs in where you can...& I'm more than impressed at you for battling through instead of ignoring your trainers!! Good on ya...keep it up & you'll soon be at the end....try not to worry too much about W5R3...it's a feisty little number but if you time it right & heed Oldfloss' wise words you will nail it 👍🏻💪🏻

in reply to Mummycav

It's funny, I just go to the point where I got sick of making excuses for not exercising. I was always tired due to work schedule, depression, and it was high time I did something positive rather than moaning, so here I am :) And actually, running after work, yes it's harder, but I don't half feel great after it! Oh - and re. you? Being a stay at home mum is definitely hard work!

Mummycav profile image
MummycavAdministrator in reply to

Running feels great no matter when you do it but you have to have stamina, willpower & determination to be bothered & in my opinion, you've got all of those...

in reply to Mummycav

Thanks, and coming from someone who is soooo close to graduating, that means a lot :) And willpower and determination = stubbornness!!

Mummycav profile image
MummycavAdministrator in reply to

Yes...a bit of that in the mix is essential!!!

in reply to Mummycav

And with that, I really must stop hanging out on here for the evening and go to bed!!! Take care, run safely, keep being stubborn lol!

Mummycav profile image
MummycavAdministrator in reply to

Lol...me too..I'm never away!!!! 😂🏃🏼‍♀️

in reply to Mummycav

Good morning :P

Sadie-runs profile image

You did it! Brilliant! I am so so happy for you. And yup, it is hard at times, but flipping Nora, how good does it feel when you make it?! Very very proud of you Neil, you are doing so well. And you managed to pick up a bird on the run, too?! Good work. 😀

Running in nature and spotting stuff all adds to the pleasure and distracts. Hilariously, I was raced for a few seconds by a squirrel this morning. Made me guffaw out loud!

Onward and upward! 👏👏👏

in reply to Sadie-runs

Yes, I did, didn't I? In fact we've both acheived things we never thought we would. Probably the only bird I'll manage to pick up for a while anyway!!! Yeah, I couldn't do running on a track I don't think, I need things to provide interest and distraction and lift my spirits.

And hey, you can race squirrels now, look at you go!

Oldfloss profile image

Lovely.... me and the heron are bonding :)

You did it.... enough said.. good enough for me and very well done you xx

in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks, favourite parrot, you're always encouraging ;)

LauraTurtle profile image

Excellent work!!

I've just completed wk2 and I can't ever imagine being able to get to week 4 but I know I can!!

I too have to run after work and it is flipping hard at times but like you say, how good do you feel after it!

Well done matey and keep up the good work!! 💪🏻

in reply to LauraTurtle

Thanks Laura, all encouragement welcome and much needed :)

And you will make it through week 4 and beyond. The thing I keep forgetting is that on my rest days, my body is doing clever stuff, repairing these so-called micro-tears so my muscles grow stronger. Finally by doing nothing I am actually doing something useful :)

And regarding the work thing? Yes, it sucks doesn't it? If you can manage to squeeze the odd morning run in though, I think you'll love it. Maybe at weekends or something. I did one really early in the morning, and I loved it!

Take care and good luck!


Lovely run lovely pic. You have given me the answer to my own conundrum, I think I may have mis-named a heron...

From Day 1 you've been committed and you know it shines through. Well done you on keeping the faith!


in reply to

Aha! Well seems I am useful for something then :) Though actually I did check against the picture on Wikipedia, just to be sure!

Nice to see your blog too. I shall take a closer look :)

in reply to

I thought it was goose, swan, possibly giraffe, but now am thinking heron is a possibility...

you are doing blooming well.... remember W1D1?

in reply to

Yes I do! That was the one with all those annoying little runs. But actually fond memories, because that was the point I started to change my health for the better. And of course I also met you lot on here :D

Cornet-Carolyn profile image

I'm just 1 run ahead and honestly week 5 isn't as bad as you might think. Love the photo. I run after work as by the time I've walked the dog in the morning I don't have time before work plus I need about two hours to look a normal colour! Enjoy your next 🏃

in reply to Cornet-Carolyn

Thank you :-) that's great, I'll be interested to see how run 3 is though...

Cornet-Carolyn profile image
Cornet-CarolynGraduate in reply to

One at a time, we can do this!

Millsie-J profile image

Great run! Looks like you really enjoyed it too!

in reply to Millsie-J

I did actually. I'm really starting to enjoy this now :-)

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