Week 4 Done

Week 4 Done

The Sun just rising over the local village at the end of the cool-down walk today.

It still surprises me when I find that I can do the intervals with the new longer running time for the week. Also that the three minutes running that took all my effort last week gets kicked toward piece-of-cake territory this week. There has also been a new feeling of - what's the right word - comfort (not quite), relaxation (sort of), confidence (certainly).

This week has been an eye-opener. Before this week I have had to concentrate almost entirely on just getting one foot in front of the other, and on getting enough air into my lungs. Somehow, someone has thrown the light switch and I am able to run much more relaxed. Instead of having my focus fixed rigidly on the road ahead, I can look around and enjoy where I am and what I'm doing and start to appreciate my surroundings. My mind is able to do other things than just concentrate on running. It's quite amazing. I'm getting hooked.

My run is dead straight apart from a single 90-degree turn about half-way. On making that turn on day one this week, and heading almost due east, I was able to look up and see the contrails of a number of airliners heading out to Europe and beyond. They were lit by the sun that, for me on the ground, was still below the horizon. It was an amazing sight, the white trails going off into the distance, the perspective making them appear to come together somewhere way out to sea. It would have been good to stop and take a photo, but I was a bit busy at the time trying to glide over the tarmac and under strict instructions from Laura not to stop.

That Laura - she's a bit of a taskmistress. But I've been married a long time and know when I'm beaten. Resistance is futile, just get on and do as you're told. It's easier that way.

I think the distance covered each day will quickly increase now and I'll get further away from my starting point. My running shoes have been over what is for them new territory. If I peer into the distance, I can almost see what would be my 2.5 k turning point to do a 5 k round-trip.

I'm so looking forward to week five and a big challenge. I know what to expect. Am I scared? Yes. Will I do it? Try to stop me.


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13 Replies

  • Yay well done what a lovely post x

  • Thanks, Julie.

  • Well done sir, sounds a bit like you're getting the bug

  • The night before a run day, I go to bed excited for tomorrow. Just like a teenager looking forward to a date.

  • I love it when I get to read an upbeat positive post on my way to work. Today's a rest day for me but your attitude to week 5 sets me in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

  • I've quickly learned that a lot of any problems with success at c25k is down to what my mind might do to scupper me. It pays to be truly positive.

    Best wishes for you for your run tomorrow.

  • Your post is a wonderful illustration of the little details of our world once you get out at odd times (running times) and start to look around. It is one of the a joys of running for me.

    No need to be scared of W5............ excited, yes, scared definitely no. You are progressing calmly through the process. It is demanding, you are delivering. All the exciting challenges on this journey are eminently achievable and you are on track to complete with no excess drama.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks for your comment. Great words as usual. On smiling - after w4r1, having run for five minutes for the first time (twice), I was grinning all through the cool-down walk. C25k is creating some wonderful memories.

  • That is where that tag came from........I run, therefore I smile..........it surprised me when it happened too.

  • I am thrilled to read this. I have just this morning completed the first run of Week 4 and amazed myself at being able to do it - a stretch, yes, but not so difficult that I didn't enjoy it. In fact I loved it - being able to plod along and look around - see the blackberries and the horses and so on. And thinking, wow, I'm actually doing this! I am looking forward to the road ahead (excuse pun!) as I am excited and slightly nervous in equal measure. Beautifully written post - thank you for sharing it with us and inspiring us all! as you are ahead of me I shall follow with interest....

  • Thank you. I know just how you feel. Isn't is great? What a great sense of accomplishment it creates. And the feeling lasts all day, leaving you excited for the next one.

    This forum is amazing. It's wonderful to be a part of.

  • You're on it, you're doing it. W5 will be good, feisty but good. Well done

  • Thanks, Jan. I like feisty.

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