Week 1 Session 2

Just finished in the rain, it wasn't raining when I left the house but started around half way. If I hadn't left before it started I would have left off going but as I was already out there it wasn't difficult to just carry on. Sesh 2 was much easier than the first due to having the pod cast and not having to keep checking it was still going plus there was no stage fright about my ability to get through to the end. Hoping to get week 1 finished off on Wednesday.

5 Replies

  • well done!  You'll find lots on here about running in the rain.  It can be very refreshing especially as the year (hopefully) heats up!

  • Thanks, it was really OK just my hands were freezing, will take gloves next time.

  • Well done. Gloves and a peaked hat for the rain (I'm one of those that love running in the rain!). Sounds like you are doing well. :) Keep it up.

  • Kudos to you! Not only for getting you session done but doing it in the rain.

  • Sesh 3 done, snow flurry, what next meteor storm?

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