Post Graduation

Only 4 more runs to go. My next run is going to be a little bit alien to me as I'll be in Manchester and won't have a clue where I'm going!

Does everyone tend to aim to increase there distance after C25K? I'm not much of a runner but I don't want to lose what I've built. I was thinking, once completing week 9 and working on improving my 5k time, of dropping my 5k runs to once or twice a week and using the freed up time to focus on other exercise activities and new challenges. Has anyone else done this or is it all about the running post-c25k?


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11 Replies

  • I think that sounds like a lovely idea. Just go slow and steady with gradual increases. If you want some new fitness goals then that sounds good too!

    Enjoy your new running location - running tourism is just the best. :)

  • Very well done.. so close now :)

    After Graduation.. you get to is your running path and you do it your way! :)

    Folk do, what they want.. many of us just ran, after Graduation, no particular distance or speed or time.. just ran because we could :)

    Then. some move on to building up to 10K, some try to go for faster... or further.. some just enjoy running as they are and seeing what happens :) many, like me used the C25K podcasts which are great.. I know Speed helped my ...errr.... speed.. and Stamina gave me.. err... stamina.. :) I still use them as and when.

    Other exercise: Well, again, as you please.. I walk, and swim and cycle and do yoga..usually on rest days but I am retired, with time to do the things I enjoy ...

    You fit it around your life and you plan it how it works for you... Two runs a week, if that is what suits.. I still run three times.. Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.. where possible.. but that is my way :)

    If possible, keep posting anyway.. great motivation and support continues after Graduation on the Bridge to 10 K forum :)

  • PS

    If you get lost, you could shout for poppypug , you may find her running around an Aldi car park :) x

  • Now poppypug running around an Aldi car park is a story I would like to hear...

  • It was, if I remember, as many of have done,to get the distance in and to finish a run.. Me? I usually end up running up and down line of cars waiting at the village rail barrier.. :)

    I hope our wonderful poppypug forgives me for telling folk this, I just always remember it from when I was graduating... it always makes me smile..:)

  • Tee Hee , I was doing a long run one weekend and had arranged to meet my Hubby at the end at Aldi or Asda can't remember which one , to do our weekly shop.

    When I got there I still had a bit to go , so he was getting the trolley and I ran past shouting "I'm not done ! " So I just ran around the car park until I finished my distance . I am trying Waitrose next week ! :-) xxx

  • Haha I love those crazy moments we have looking barmy going in circles while trying to finish a run! Is Asdarun the new parkrun?! :D

  • Yup , it will definitely catch on ! :-) xxx

  • Ha ha ! That's just at weekends Floss , weekdays it's normally the Asda one :-)

    Give us a shout if you get lost Gary :-) xxx

  • Oops.. thought it was Aldi.. knew it began with A.. ( See, you can tell I was a teacher :)) xx

  • I didn't start to increase distance for over a year after I graduated simply because I was doing other things (weights, cycling, Pilates, rowing mostly) and I didn't see the need but I always ran three times a week because it suited me.

    The world is your oyster after you graduate, that's the fun of this fitness lark and running twice a week is fine if that's what you decide to do. Good luck with your last few runs and really you're spoiled for choice about what to do afterwards.

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