I am now a very proud couch to 5k graduate! :D I was told a million times by a million different people that I'd never do it as I was quite the couch potato, but they can take their negativity because I've DONE IT!

Not only has the couch to 5k taught me how to run, I've also adopted a MUCH healthier lifestyle thanks to it. I now do pilates every single day and can't even remember the last time I had a chocolate bar, when I used to have at least two a day!

I can safely say that C25k has been the best thing that has happened to me in a long, long time and I can't wait to start the 5k plus workouts this evening!


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  • Congrats to you, a very big well done

    you must be over the moon. I myself

    are loving the runs. Never in a million

    years id thought id be running. Im about

    to start week 9 run 1. So im onto graduation

    myself. Good luck to future runs and


  • Thank you so much! :) Glad you're enjoying the running and good luck and well done to you too!

  • well done! Lovely to hear what a difference the programme has made to your life and I'm sure you'll go on to bigger and faster things. keep on blogging and good luck with your running :)

  • Thank you! :) I have just completed the 5k+ speed run. Very difficult, but definitely worth it! :)

  • Many congratulations on graduating. Its a wonderful feeling isn't it, especially after getting negative comments. I got a lot of those from well meaning friends!! Their comments were, "Why, your too old to start something like that"! Or "Ooh you'll hurt yourself at your age" was another one. I wish you all the best for your continuation of running, its brilliant and when you think about it once you have the shoes its a cheap sport too. Yours will be even less expensive now your not eating all those chocolate bars and just think how much you will save at the dentist too. ;)

  • Thank you! :) Being a student, I LOVE the fact running is very cheap! Like you say, all you need is the shoes, somewhere to run and the motivation to do it! I used to tell people "exercise is the devil!" but now I can see why people do it! I've definitely come around to the runner's lifestyle! Well done to you for proving to all those people who said you couldn't that you most definitely can! You should be very proud of yourself (and they should be too!). :)

  • Well done!! One in the eye to the doubters!!

  • Most definitely! Thank you! :)

  • Congratulations on graduating :)


  • Brilliant. Maybe you'll be an inspiration to all those doubting Thomas's or Thomasina's! Those who do, do. And those you won't, criticise.

  • Well done and congratulations.

  • Congratulations! Thats one in the eye for all those doubters and well done for finishing despite so much negativity and very little encouragement! A wonderful achievement! Enjoy 5k plus (I know I do!)

  • Well done!! Great feeling isn't it?

    Your blog put a big smile on my face, it's SO nice to hear how well this program works for everyone :) and as for the negative people - HAH. You enjoy every moment of telling them you did it, you deserve it!

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