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First Parkrun post graduation


So I did 5K jogging all the way! Lots of valuable lessons learned. I warmed up for longer than 5mins just before the briefing and kind of half jogged half figeted on the spot through the briefing (good thing they all know I am crazy anyways). I really gave myself a talking to about not starting off too fast and not getting swept up in the start but I did it wasn't so much a I have to keep up with everyone but more a BLEEP I have all these people whooshing around me and I freaked out. I had to really take a min to refocus my breathing and find the right pace but I did it without having to walk. Next time I will move even further to the back.

As horrible as this sounds but the best part of the run was catching up with and passing my 8 year old daughter who was running with her uncle on the last lap as she had declared that mummy ran too slow to run with. Think she might agree to run with me next time ha!

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Awesome! 👍Good tips.I am Trying to imagine that for me in 6 weeks time.

emma_lynneGraduate in reply to Keston54

It will be here before you know it!


Brilliant well done


Cool! Well done. Your daughter may be ready for the concept of negative splits 😂

Enjoy that next one.

emma_lynneGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I may have muttered something to the effect of slow and steady wins the race as I smiled and waved passing her 😂

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to emma_lynne

The hare doesn’t have to need a sleep for the tortoise to catch and pass.

Well done, that’s brilliant! Hopefully your daughter will learn a couple of lessons from this one too!

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