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Back on the streets -Wk6

I have gone back a week after taking a week off to get over Achilles probs i picked up (OK, they returned) inLondon the weekend before last. Soooo frustrating, I knew I prob shouldn't b running round Russell Square in the Spring sunshine but couldn't resist. Then felt v hacked off about starting to hobble halfway through Wk 7 which is why I haven't been on here since then. 

Anyway I survived W6R1 last night which makes me feel a bit more hopeful. The ankle isn't feeling strong but as we're not on speaking terms it can just go and do one as far I am concerned, I am carrying on regardless! Best of luck everyone 😉

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If it's painful and you're hobbling you really shouldn't be running, you're risking doing serious long term damage. When you're body says Ouch No, listen to it. For the sake of an extra week or so rest do you really want to gamble future runs?


Well I did that, the hobbling was a week ago... I think what I have got now would be classed as niggles not something major. I think. You can never be sure can you...and seeing the doc is neither here nor there cos the next possible appointment is 3 weeks away, and chances are I will told to sign up for some physio (several weeks wait) and I have done that twice already, it bored the pants off me and had minimal effect. My confidence about whether this running lark is possible or just too aggravating to carry on with comes and goes. I want to believe. Appreciate the concern tho Slowstart, all the best!


OK, I'll stop nagging as only you know how you feel, all I will add is please take it really easy and if you can run on grass rather than a hard surface, this may help, use ice after the run just in-case and try strengthening exercises on your rest days. Good luck.

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Sounds like a plan! Thanks 👍


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