Week 6 run 3 complete

Wow - I cannot believe that I ran for full 25 mins today evening. This was unimaginable for me just 6 weeks ago.  Listening to Laura's comment on going at a steady pace helped a lot. Running at a slow pace means I can enjoy the views rather than having to focus on catching my breath. As Laura concluded in today's run - I am a runner now. 



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  • Bravo! It's such a feeling of accomplishment when you get there isn't it. I'm just about to start week 8 and still can't quite believe it when I look back to how much of a struggle the early weeks were.  Good luck for week 7, you'll smash it 😃

  • Such a lovely, lovely feeling.  Well done :D

  • Well done.  I'm planning on doing that one this Thursday and am slightly apprehensive. Will need to remember that if I could do 20 mins last week I can do 25 now. 

  • ..and you can do it! :)

  • I think he's got it!!!!

    Slow, steady, enjoy the journey...that is, certainly, for a whole load of us, what it is all about,

    Okay, proper runner.... onwards and upwards :)

  • Congratulations, you are now a runner! I have my 25 minute run tonight and feeling a bit nervous about it.  I know that is stupid because I ran for 33 mins at park run at the weekend  so I know I am capable of it, but feeling physically a bit rubbish this week so think I might struggle a bit.  Just need to keep the faith and keep on running.

  • Absolutely - you can do it! 

  • I've got my w6r3 on Friday and don't feel confident about it. Reading the comments on here does help me to stay more positive and give me a boost. Well done for your achievement!

  • Good luck for your run 3 - I am sure it will be fine! 

  • Was a tough run for me this one but I was bone tired before I even started.  I felt v disheartened.  BUT yetsrday was W7R1, 25 mins, and it was great, so just remember some runs are tougher than others.  I am beginning to realise that's just how it is.  Hope it goes OK for you :-)

  • I have downloaded the podcast, now need to get out there and get started. I am inspired by your post, to think in a few weeks I could be a runner too. 

    Well done, keep it up :-)

  • Good luck - it is a journey worth running :) 

  • Well done!  There is no doubt - you are a runner and less than 10 runs now to graduation...

    Take a minute or two to enjoy the achievement and if ever you doubt what you can do, look back and relish how far you have come.  :)

  • Well done :)

  • Yay for you!! Amazing stuff :-).  I'm wondering if I have a slightly difference C25K programme? My W6R3 was 22 minutes non stop you see, not 25 mins.  I hated it!  I did it after a night of zero sleep and was dead on my feet.  I was gutted at how hard I found it.  HOWEVER, yesterday was W7R1, which is 25 mins on my version and I LOVED it!  Thank the lord! Boy did I need a positive run.  Still can't believe I ran for 25 minutes :-) :-) :-).  Keep on running everyone x

  • Thanks - I have felt the impact of running after a sleepless night! It happened to me a couple of weeks back travelling to Asia on a business trip and landed sleepless after a 12 hour flight. Still went for a run after checking in the hotel and found myself struggling even for a slow jog on the treadmill. Decided not to run after a sleepless night.

  • What do you class as a slow pace btw?  I've been wondering about this.  I ran the 25 minutes and enjoyed it but I covered 2 miles, so not as far as they suggest.  I'm not worried about this so much (cos I ran 2 miles!!) but I am interested

  • Slow pace for me is what Laura describes as being able to hold a conversation while running. I try to run at a pace where I dont have to worry about catching my breath and it just feels comfortable. I guess this is fine as the goal is to really be able to build the stamina to run for 30 mins. I can work on speed later after the graduation. 

  • Yah- ooooo !

    Well done , yes you are a RUNNER , you better believe it :-)

    All straight runs now to Graduation .

    Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Yes I did it, the w6r3. I can't believe I ran for 25mins.

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