I wish mind over matter was more stronger with me

So today, after having a rest day, tried to do another run, I was up for it rearing to go, and for the first run minute I was pushing myself then walking fasterish than normal so I had to stop for my inhaler earlier than usual anyway I went further to the point where my mind was going " go on man you can do it!!!" However my legs where screaming "NO YOU CANT!!! PLEASE STOP!! WE LIKED IT WHEN YOU WHERE LAZY!!!" and I kept going for another 10 steps (running) and then a stitch hit me right above the diaphragm so I had to stop ... Which me legs where thankful for ha ha :-D 


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  • lol.

    Have another rest day then have another crack at it. Try slowing your pace right down rather than pushing yourself so hard. Pull the wool over those legs'eyes. To conjure a bizarre image.

  • Okay.. where are you on the programme... ? 

    You need to go really slowly! Ignore the voices, and just go slow and steady!!!

    Just take it, literally, one slow step at a time :)

  • I know this sounds really bad but I'm trying to get W1R1 finished my asthma is stopping me from doing the full 30 minutes so far and I thought pushing myself slightly would help me improve which it did I did go slightly further but then the stitch happened .... I'm very new to this (if you didn't notice ha ha :-P) so I don't know how I should be doing this (I have an asthma appointment scheduled because I know I need that checked out) ? 

  • Right.. get your asthma checked out... that is the main thing. But pushing at this stage, no.

    Slow, slower and slowest is best! You need to be sure you are okay to do this and then take it very steadily! :)

  • Exactly what the others said. Slow down. I  got overtaken by someone walking once so really slow. I kept going and am just about to start week 7. Good luck, you CAN do it !

  • OK that sounds doable ha ha I shall try it next time, I mean the asthma is a problem but I'm recovering quickly the first couple of times its just the time when I get to about 18mins in I can't continue jogging I hit a wall where I need my inhaler and I either get a headache or a stitch so I think slower running may help thanks for your help :-) 

  • Well done for getting out 

    Always slow and slower,as you get stronger the speed will improve but just take it really slow

    Good luck for the next run

  • Thank you and tbh when I was growing up running has been so tedious for me I never enjoyed it doing it in PE but now I'm enjoying it and im glad to know that eventually I'll get better :-) so thanks for your support :-) 

  • Hi, Don't be gung-ho about it, and doing what you think is right by pushing!  just listen to Laura carefully and follow her commands precisely!

    You only need to run just above the brisk walking speed, and no more!

    Otherwise you will probably just get knackered out quickly and possible injury!

    So slow down and ignore those gremlins, you don't have any bad pain do you? So carry on carefully, Intime your asthma could improve with the running. Good luck!😊

  • Thanks and no I don't have any really bad pain the stitch yesterday was gone within 5 mins and the headache on my first day was due to dehydration which was my own mistske, sounds daft but whose laura? Is she the person on the app ? Ha ha 

  • Yes, Laura's the voice on the app, for The NHS choices c25k programme, but the podcasts are more stable, so best to download those onto iphone or ipod and let her guide you through the workouts, if you stick to them religiously you can't go wrong..

  • Hmm I have a different app that just says when I need to start walking and running so I'm gonna look out for that one then it sounds better 

  • Which programme are you using? As I recall, the NHS C25K Week 1 isn't actually the full 30 minutes long and you don't usually know where you are overall in terms of minutes of the session from Laura (and awareness of any numbers other than the ones Laura gives you tends to be counterproductive at this stage)

    It took me a long, long, long time (OK, well over 3 years down the line) to realise that part of my great difficulty with Week 1 was not just going too fast in the runs but going too fast in the walks. I really should have worked it out sooner given that the whole reason I took up running is that sustaining a brisk walk was too painful but there we go. So I'd suggest slowing the *whole* thing down and just focus on keeping moving. The walks are there to serve the running.

    Laura has some helpful suggestions on managing stitch without stopping but I can't remember where they come.

  • I think this is the way forward, slow the whole thing done. Maybe on your rest days you can do a brisk 30 min walk but not so brisk that you need your inhaler. Your legs will get stronger, your lungs will get stronger. Then running longer or faster is possible without all the discomfort. You can sometimes still have to push yourself when your legs feel leaden or you really can't be bothered carrying on, etc but the actual work of running in time stops being such a grind - if not hardly anyone would bother with it. Except maybe Rignold...

  • I'm using the C25K app by zen labs and its a very basic program from what you are describing so I need to have a look out for the NHS one I think 

  • Oh do! You can get it in app form but the podcasts are more robust and come with music that is character forming and motivating (not necessarily because you like it) but best of all coaching from Laura... who is a real person (she even used to post on this forum some years ago) and not a midriff flaunting goddess (midriff flaunting goddesses are people too of course) No smashing or nailing or crushing or any of that stuff.

    And then you'll understand what on earth the rest of us are on about too.

  • Is it on android the app or is it just on apple store ? 

  • I hope someone will be along to answer that one... but seriously, the podcasts are more robust.

  • I've came to a problem, I downloaded the podcast but it wouldn't open because it needed an app with it so I went to download the app it recommended and its not for android -.- unless I've done something wrong 

  • Never mind I pressed the wrong button I've got the first week ready to play now I'll try it tomorrow thanks :-) 

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