Update on IC

If I'm lucky I may have got off lightly. Had a very sore right shin on Friday, following on from a 10k on Thursday. Self diagnosis said shin splints and the Internet paints a dark picture. So I tried to do as little as possible at the weekend and have cut out my walks and runs this week. There are signs of progress - I can now walk at least 500m before my shin protests - and then it's only a niggle, not the pain that came with every step at the beginning. As if I'd been kicked in the shin. So I'm hopeful that I may be back running quicker than the Internet predicts.  Not yet though. Need to be able to walk a lot further before I even consider it. 

Meanwhile the sun is shining, my energy levels are rising, I'm reading all your posts and trying to reassure myself that this will go away and I will be out running very soon. 

Happy running, everybody!

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  • You will be out there, soon.. you are being sensible and doing it right! :) 

    Slow progress and so frustrating for you..but you will be back on form soon.. Big Hug x

    The sunshine is making us all feel happier, especially nutty me, as you know!

  • Hope you are feeling better soon!

  • As PoppyPug would say, this too will pass. It won't be long before you're back out there, so why not regard this week as a routine rest week -all the best runners take them occasionally to avoid overtraining. 😀

  • Ouch, that sounds painful and very frustrating :(

    Are you able to do other exercise in the meantime? Like cycling or elliptical?

    Fingers crossed it clears up quickly - very quickly!

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