IC update 3

1st recovery walk run walk this evening , 20 min walk then 10 reps of 1 min run then walk :D very very slow gentle runs but a start and that is all that mattered :D

Still have exercises to do daily and back to physio a week on tomorrow , will see how Knee feels in the morning before deciding on next outing :D

Felt great to be out running on a wonderful spring evening :D there really has been a huge hole from not running that even walking didn't fill.

It is true you don't know how lucky you are to be able to run until you can't ! Feeling much happier and optimistic this evening :D Hope it is still the same tomorrow :D


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  • Ooh lovely Rob. I'll keep everything crossed for you that you feel ok tomorrow but it sounds as if you're on your way back!

  • Thank you IP :D I hope so .. and definitely Slow_Rob :D

  • Oh Rob, I am so so pleased for you, this sounds very positive .

    Lets hope it wont be long now before youre back to full strength

    Great news ! :-) xxx

  • Aaaw thank you poppy :D very kind of you as always xx

    I hope you doing ok also poppy :D

    Small steps to start ,no rush no pb's !! well not for now ;)

  • My hip is feeling better today, thank you. I have done loads of walking just to keep myself topped up and Ive got an exercise bike, but its still in bits in the box , I must get it assembled soon ! :-)

    Slow , small steps , thats the way, Rob xxx

  • aaw that's good to hear poppy :D yes you must ;) xxx

  • Thank goodness you have been able to make a start. I really hope you have no repercussions tomorrow and can continue with your rehab. Happy run/walking !

  • thanks henpen :D exercises, shower then sleep and fingers crossed for the morning

  • So good to read this m'dear. Hope the recovery continues apace. :)

  • Thank you AM :D

  • I'm so happy for you rob to be able to start running again. Every step taken is fantastic. Try and keep it up but listen to your body.

    Good luck and very well done

  • Thank you webo :) if anything I am being over cautious but that will pass I hope

  • Great news Rob. I am sure you will feel fine in the morning.

  • thanks Dunder , didn't feel any worse so a good sign , a few days rest again before deciding on just a walk or another run/walk

  • great news Rob, its a lovely evening to be out, i just did run/walk with george dog :)

  • thanks aliboo :D it was a wonderful evening :D lots more to come I hope

  • Keeping everything crossed for you :) hopefully this is the small step back to running again!

  • thank you Lovefood :D looking very hopefully :D

  • Good to hear that you are back, take it easy and mind that knee...

  • thanks Pigvi :D

  • That's great news Rob. Hopefully the knee will continue to recover!

  • thanks OG , hope your 10k training is still going well :D

  • Thanks Rob. Did just over 10 k yesterday, hit 10 at about 1:07, so better than expected.

  • really well done OG that is a great time , It was looking like my time when I eventually got to 10K , keep going that time will come down :D

  • Everything crossed for you.....you will get back to it. Remember running is for life not just for Christmas :)

  • thanks northern :D just happy to be able to do even a few short runs for now :D

  • Good luck, Rob. Hope you're out there pounding the streets soon!

  • Thanks Steve , softly gently slowly pounding yes :D

  • Good to read you have made it off the IC Rob. I look forward to hearing about your recovery progress.

    Recovery is of particular interest to me at the moment as I'm sort of on the IC myself. The ankle that I broke in 1993 is now giving me jip, I managed 5K yesterday, but it was hurting by the end, and still stiff and uncomfortable today :(

    So it will be very encouraging to hear about how you build back up to full fitness. Good luck Rob, best wishes for a speedy recovery :)

  • Hi Zev, sorry to hear you have a problem also :( hopefully rest will be enough for you ..

    although mine presented as a knee problem, it is/was being caused by an imbalance in my quads probably including a broken and dislocatded ankle 17 yrs ago which Is now plated and pinned and causing some loss of mobility in that ankle... .

    when I look at my right leg quads compared to my left ,the left are def more developed which as I am very prom right sided a bit strange ...

    So daily exercises to develop the right quad muscles and strength :D which appear to be slowly working ..

    A slow gradual return to running is planned , maybe only running twicea week etc

    Here's to a speedy return for you and a continued improvement for me :D

  • My right ankle was broken pinned and plated too :)

    In fact it was broken by me, and then re broken later by the surgeon several weeks later to pin and plate it ( i've still got the plate, pin, and 5 screws in a jar :) ) My metal work has since been removed though :)

    As I mentioned in a reply to Tomas, this recovery is a bit of a learning business for me, working out just how much to push, and how much to rest. Having not been very sporty prior to C25K I've not learnt much yet about recovery from injury.

    It is annoying not being able to run, but it is interesting too, discovering what the limits are, and how to get back into shape.

    Good luck with your recovery Rob, and be sure to keep us posted of your progress and any tricks that work for you :)

  • It is a learning curve for me too Zev, am pretty much being guided by my physio .

    You are lucky to have your plate and pins removed .mine still with me, like you I wasn't active at all pre C25K so never thought about it at all .. you live and learn Zev . I am hopefully living to fight and run another day :D

    I will keep posting ,as I go along :D

    I still want to go out an do all the things I was doing and smash my 5K times haha but maybe need to re strain my self ,maybe ;)

  • So glad you're off the IC, keeping it slow and steady is key. Your fitness levels will really be helping. Good luck Rob.

  • thanks pollynorris , a slow progression from the IC , may still have some odd days back there for rest and recuperation :D

  • I somehow missed your post... Glad to hear that you are on the mend and back out there in some degree....take it easy, do as you are told and you'll be back to your fast slow_Rob pace! All the best :-)

  • Thanks Andy :) Am being a very good patient :D

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