Yeah! - weight goal met

So this running lark and healthy eating (or maybe 'less-bad' eating would be more accurate :-)) combination has allowed me to reach my (admittedly pretty arbitrary) weight goal - I am now officially under 20 stone.

I told my kids at breakfast this morning and the lovely, darling 4 year old said "is your belly still poofy". Nice.

At least the scales no longer say 'One at a time' when I stand on them...

Thanks community - I realise that running _itself_ doesn't really lose that much weight, but it is a critical part of my new healthier lifestyle, and without communities like this one it would have been significantly harder.

For newbies who are thinking "yeah, but it wouldn't work for _me_", when I started the #c25k program (and the 12 week NHS weight loss group) I was over 21 stone, sat on my butt all day (software engineer) and probably averaged 1000 steps a day, if I was really _really_ trying hard. Imagine doing that for a couple of decades....

Since starting the program:

 - I can now walk the kids to school (about 0.5 mile) without my lower back screaming at me or getting out of breath

 - I can get through a whole day without taking a nap

 - I can run not 5, 10 or even 20 minutes, but 28 minutes! Previously I couldn't run 28 feet

 - my stress/anxiety levels are far more manageable

 - I have learnt to ignore my "can't do" gremlin and have learnt I can do so much more than I _think_ I can do

So yes, you can do it - give it a try - really, the #c25k program is for _anyone_ :-)


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16 Replies

  • That is fantastic, well done. I too am trying to lose weight, although I have been walking many km per day for years, dog walking. I have not managed to lose any significant weight for ages, despite this daily exercise and becoming vege 3 years ago. I am hoping that this increased intensity of running will shed the weight. I am 17.5 stone. I hope you continue to lose. In a good way. 

  • I was a veggie in uni. I put on a tonne of weight, too much cheese and carb! It's tough being a veggie. When I started working I went back to meat and now use quite a bit of quorn stuff chill is and stuff. It's good stuff high protein, low fat. I have also found myfitnesspal useful 

  • That's the problem, Maxiscott. I did rely rather a lot on pasta, and snacked on crisps too. I do eat quorn, and now I concentrate much more on fresh veg, lentils, beans etc. Cheese, though, I can't give up cheese. Forget that. Still need fat, just need to cut down carbs and run your arse off. Sounds easy doesn't it!!?? I used myfitnesspal for about 2 years, with a Fitbit.

  • You're going great guns, Yatesco. Love your posts and reading all the answers! This running lark is a great way to get fit - not so sure about weight loss, but it certainly redistributes the flab. 

  • Superb well done on your weight loss 😊 i totally  get the eating less bad 😊

    You have and are doing great yatesco  keep at it 😊

  • Thanks all :-)

  • Well said yatesco... brilliant that you have improved your lifestyle and becone fitter and are hopefully enjoying the challenge along the way. Not long til graduation and once you start regularly running for 30 mins you will see more toning and possibly weight-loss.

    C25k is a winner and now so are you. 😊

  • Really well done - that's a fine achievement.  Once you've graduated, you might decide to run longer distances and/or try and increase your speed.  Either of those options will see even more weight loss. I was 10st 2lb (varied between 10 and 10'6 for 25 years) when I started C25k in January last year.  In the last 6 months, I've lost 8 lbs - v little change in eating - and I'm now 9st 8. So if it can happen for a 5'8" skinny-ish guy like me, imagine the potential for your now sub-20st self ...

    Exciting times - well done again


  • Yatesco, being a chap of the heavier variety, like myself, do you have any lower leg-ache problems? While I'm running, I sometimes think it would be a lot less strain on my knees and feet if I were much lighter. Of course, this is true, and partly the reason for running, to lose the flab, but dragging a big carcass around is going to be tougher, and what are the side-effects?

    The day after a run, my ankles and shins are fairly tender. Do you experience this too? 

  • I don't, but that might be because I have pretty dodgy knees and so when I started this lark I did quite a bit of research (nothing scientific, only googling) about this and found a solution that works for me.

    I chose to use 'bare foot shoes' (Vibrams KSO EVOs) and concentrated on my form. 

    The contradiction there (of deliberately _not_ wearing padded trainers to protect my knees) was to force my form to improve (as heel-striking is far too painful without a cushion), and so far it is working really well. You can read more about it I think it is quite controversial though, so be prepared :-).

    I do still run on a grass field as oppose to the road, but that is mainly for convenience/privacy.

    EDIT - you might find helpful (the post is mine, the wisdom is others)

  • I did consider the barefoot shoes, and I do actually own a pair, which I sometimes walk on the beach in (Vivobarefoot) and which are a bit knackered now. Even with a pair of Asics I try and strike mid-foot rather than heel, to reduce the stress. Shorter strides, under the hip, but a bit of cushioning too. Good luck with the barefoot tho. 

  • So I think I know what you mean about the leg pains now:

  • Yay, you're brilliant :) love reading success stories. A stone is great weight loss, imagine that you were lugging that about with you everywhere you went! Running does help weight loss when you're running 30 min or so and you'll notice more change, so definitely stick with it. 

  • Fantastic gains!

  • What a fantastic story! I'm really happy for you and I'm sure your family are enjoying the benefits as much as you!

    Keep it up 👍

  • Thanks all :-)

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