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About me and Graduation day


So the date was January 3rd 2018; I woke up and had a bowl of cereal, then on the way to drop the kids off at school I grabbed a sausage sandwich and a Cornish pasty, two hours later I had. A bag of chips for dinner on my way to work. For supper at work I had 2 scotch eggs, 6 crusty rolls, a pot noodle, two packets of crisps and a chocolate bar.

I was 21 stone and getting bigger!! That was the last day I ate over 1200 calories in a day. Something snapped in my head, if it was walking past a mirror or comments from colleagues I can’t remember but what I do know is the very next day I installed the ‘fitbit’ app and brought myself fruit for dinner..

On a self invented diet of hunger (2 oranges for brekkie, a banana and two oranges for dinner and steamed fish and veg for supper) the weight flew off, in a month I was down to 20 stone and within 5 months I was down to 16 stone.

A colleague then introduced me to couch to 5 k. I hadn’t ran in over 20 years but I installed the app and prepared for my first run july 24th I set off and dragged myself over the last 60 second run.

After a few sessions I discovered that not only could I run but I could do it fairly well (not fast but far). By week 5 I was already running 5km choosing to keep running when the app says to stop and walk and somewhere in week 7 I ran my first 10k.

Today I finished the C25k program. W9r3 complete.

For the past week I have been running every day. One day I do my 5km run (trying to beat my best time of 34 minutes) and on my alternative days I run C25k with my kids who are currently on W2R1. Incidentally I am also down to 14 1/2 stone, very much in part to C25k.

Good luck to everyone starting out and half way through. The program is well and truly life changing.


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What a great story. I take my hat off to you but I'm sat here mouth agape thinking how the hell did you manage to improve your fitness so fast, especially when you are carrying extra weight. I can barely do 3km in W7 and you did 10km. LOL. Brilliant stuff.

P.S. Tell me to clear off but have you got saggy skin in places from losing 7 stone in such a short space of time?


Congratulations, you’ve certainly got the running down!

Scary low calories!

Enjoy your future running.


Wow! Well done!


Massive congrats! Great story and very inspiring, at first I thought you were going to say you'd eaten all that before your graduation run! :D

WOW. I'm only on Week 2 at the mo. Will finish that tomorrow but this is definitely inspiring. Well done

This is amazing! Well done!

Well it sounds like you’ve well and truly smashed it. A huge well done to you and your weight loss programme. I too graduated the C25K yesterday. I’m thinking of @ 4 weeks of consolidation and then increasing the distance. Have you got a plan of action?

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