My 3rd run in the 5th week!

I am a very happy Bunny today!Today I did my 3rd run in the 5th week and feel great,my happiest and proudest run so far!Before starting the run I checked how long I would have to run today and when I heard Laura saying that I will be running 20 minutes without stopping, I thought that no way I will do that! Then here I am, ran/jogged 20 minutes no stopping! Wow, aren't I happy?!I finished 5.2km in 36 minutes and 20 seconds! If anyone told me few weeks ago that I would be running 20 minutes without stopping, I would say that would never happen because when I started C25K I could not run at least a minute. I would recommend C25K to anyone who is willing to do it...if I can do this, anyone can!

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  • Bounce on, bunny - you are doing soooooo well! :) I am grinning for you!

  • Thank you greenlegs -as always!

  • Brilliant Job Mini. That 20 minute run is such an awesome feeling. :-)

  • Thank you caz1_ca!! I honestly did not think I would do that, wanted to do it, but was not sure was a looong run, never done such a long run in my life, I was never a runner even though I have done sports when I was at College etc. I kept thinking what Laura said - and kept the faith in myself and the C25K programme.At the end when Laura said I have doen it, I wanted to scream!!, I was smiling to myself!! Wow, I am proud of myself!! A feeling of achievement I felt after a while.

  • I love reading the post of the 20 minutes runs. You can actually feel the excitement from them. :-)

  • Ah what an inspiring post! Well done to you- BE VERY PROUD!!! X

  • Thank you justmole!!

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